Sharks! Sharks! Sharks!

I leave the Bay Area and NOW YOU WIN!?!?!  If my other teams were in it I’d be so mad at you.  But beggars can’t be choosers and you guys let us drink on Caltrain so… YAY SHARKS.  I hug you!

Not only did you beat Detroit (insert me making siren noise here), but you managed not to fall apart like a house of cards.  I mean, you came close.  Really close.  I had to angle away from the TV and pretend to Tweet because I knew the minute I looked, disaster would strike.  I might have peeked but I didn’t watch until the announcers were screaming too.

Gator’s really bummed about the Red Wings.  I might have to buy her Chicken McNuggets for lunch (extra ketchup).  Maybe she’ll feel better after reading this.  But now she’s just like me and Dawn, without her top team(s) and choosing sides based on beards and bus stops and the perfect teal nail polish.

Hey Wings, U MAD?!

Oh, in case you forgot what I was thinking for a second…


So we’re down to the Final Four.  How are we doing on predictions?  We had the Bruins, Canucks and Sharks getting out of the first round, and the Bruins and Canucks from the second.  Bonus of the Sharks.  No one had the Bolts because I would have kicked them in R1 and Dawn would have scratched them in R2.  Now anyone who wants to root for TB can take on Chuck.

Not good enough! Om nom nom!

PS: Gator is rooting for TB.  I will sit quietly on my hands and try not to cheer for anyone in that series.  Chuck roots for my teams when she can, I shall root for hers.  And Steven.  There, I said it!

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  1. I cheered for the Pens (of course), when they lost I told my friend that I would be all about the lightning from then on out, but I was bitter and cheered for the Caps. Well now… now I have no choice, the lightning are my team. Little baby St.Louis, Lovely Lecavalier, and Sean “Where the hell did have I been all season?” Bergenheim. Who knows, maybe my support is a curse and the bolts will fall but I have to say I think I like them best. I’m sorry, I know that’s blasphemous around here. Don’t hate me.

    • Seriously Pissed Reply

      Shi, we shall be hated together. I’d like to see Tampa-San Jose in the final. But I wouldn’t cry all over the place if Boston makes it. Boston’s fine. But I’ve developed this weird soft spot for Tampa, which is just insane because they eliminated the Pens. What is wrong with me???

      • Same soft spot here, which is doubly-weird considering my addiction to the Capitals. I know they’re bad. I try to stop. People who love me (Crosby) try to intervene. I just can’t help myself. And now Tampa Bay… ugh. Stamkos, damn you and your general irresistable-ness and beard.

  2. Ya’ll are crazy and I can’t be friends with you right now, if you’re on the TB Train.

    The Bear and I will stare you down in a creepy staring contest until you feel awkward.

    Pants – have you told Intern Jeff that you are backing Couture for the Calder? Might not want to advertise that or you might never see your Swingline again.

    • Cassy Reply

      And I’d hate to think what Intern Jeff will do to her morning mocha in revenge either….

  3. Cassy Reply

    And me, Pants! You’re forgetting me… So damn scary my flatmate’s now supporting the Bruins. He insists we’re going all the way. He also
    suggested just showing up at the Garden & glaring at the TB team bus would probably terrify them into forfeiting. His reasoning? I terrify little old ladies into getting up and walking, so…