It's On!

Now that you won’t be able to get this song out of your head, it’s the battle of the Super Twins, Count Von Count-anyone-can-do-this-job VS. Jumbo Scrimp (Oxy-Maroon), I’m-still -Cryin’ Patty Mar-where’s-the-loo and Logan Haute-Couture. Who will win the West-Coast Battle for the Cup? I called Vancouver in the Wayback Machine.

capt vs capt (i think it's henrik - who knows for sure!)

On the East Coast we got the Not-so-Jolly-Yellow-Giant Chara, Sir Thomas-the-Tank-Engine and i-blow-pucks-out-my-ass-for-goals-bergeron VS stampeding Stammers, Little-Man Louis and Bat-shit-crazy-face-sort-of-hot-in-a-weird-way-guy-the-butcher. I called neither of these and would have never dreamed of either of these but in reverse psychology and covering my bases. I’m going with Tampa Bay and if they win, I’ll be glad and say I called it. If they lose, I’ll say I helped Boston because every team I pick, loses! So either way, I’m covered! Sound practice!

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  1. Cassy Reply

    I’m trying to figure out if that comment about the Prof was rude or not Dawn… Girlfriend – it better not be *gives you the slightly scary warning look*

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    It’s a compliment. if you go back to another post in like, December, I made a comment about how he was en fuego and had snowballs shooting out his ass … and couldn’t seem to miss. 🙂 pucker up baby!

    • Cassy Reply

      He just is on fire. That’s ok then!

  3. sj Reply

    P. Bergeron’s out. MA Bergeron is not. 🙁

    • Cassy Reply

      I know. When I come over to North America this summer I will be looming up one C. Giroux. He can run but he can’t hide.

  4. MelTing Reply

    Pretty sure you mean Battle of the West Coast Playoff Chokers. And, duh, I don’t get the Count Von Count reference.

    Dare I say it on this blog, what the heck: Go ‘Nucks Go!

    • MelTing Reply

      Got it! Forgive me for not yet having read your complete ouevre.