NHL Tuesday Night in NYC

While Dawn Cherrie and I were on a double date last night with Mike Green and Ovie, the rest of the NHL’s top 20 stars partied with Graydon Carter and the fancypants folks at Vanity Fair.  Well, fancy-ish.  Guests included “actor” Tom Cavanaugh and Olympic ice skater Evan Lysacek.  It kills me that we’re not famous, because NHL events get the lamest D-list celebrity turnouts ever.  I like Tom Cavanaugh, but if you have to say “actor” in front of someone’s name, then the title is questionable at best.  Like if you have “Bootylicious ” written on the ass of your sweatpants.  Just as the NHL Awards were a parade of “It’s that guy from that thing!” and “Is Smallville still on TV?”, this Vanity Fair party seems to have been solely bolstered by Carter’s Canadian-ness.  And for that, we thank him.

Zach Parise is so cute.

The rest of the NHL Media Tour crew was there, including Malkin, Toews, Kaner and my second-favorite Staal, Eric.  We bet Kane’s the only one who had any fun, hopefully joyriding around NYC in Lundqvist’s special edition bus.  After Ovie ditched me and Mike Green (apparently not on the guest list), he graced the party with his presence.  In a t-shirt.

Sid and Ovie did a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair.  If you listen closely, you’ll hear a lot of screaming between Seattle (Dawn) and San Francisco (Pants).  There’s plenty of video and photo content of yesterday’s media tour at NHL.com, including Dion Phanuef talking about what makeup he likes to wear and EStaal talking about his butt.  Quality.

Before the party, Dawn and I let Mike Green and Ovie take us to a Russian restaurant.  Except they sat next to each other, so maybe we should be worried?  Dawn took this photo with her decoder ring camera, so as not to appear all fangirl in the moment, then ran to the bathroom and totally spazzed out.  Ovie had 11 shots of vodka and asked to borrow Mike’s Lamborghini.  I pretended to know what borscht was and tried not to think about Mike’s bathroom.  I’m pretty sure Mike was thinking about Mike.  As usual.

I would only eat borscht for Mike Green.

(Photo from @washcaps, which I think must be run by a girl because it’s pretty awesome.)

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  1. Erica Reply

    Borscht is goooooood. Trust me, as a Polack, we know good borscht when we eat it. But we call it “barszcz”, which is way awesomer. Mainly because it has lots of ‘z’.

  2. Dawn Cherrie Reply

    Oh what a night … I’m still trying to recover. 🙂 But I still don’t know how they gave us the slip.

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