Five Things: Love Today

In honor of making it halfway through this week, here are five things that I love about today.

1. James Neal’s career-high 28th goal, and there are still 28 games left to play.  (Bonus: Awkwardly close-up post-game interview video.)

2. Steven Stamkos has scored against every NHL team [video].  And he got a League-leading 35th goal on his birthday, even if the Bolts lost.

3. Letang jumped PK Subban in defense of Geno during last night’s extra-frames shootout loss.  The video’s bad, but skip to the 1:00 mark for the tackle.

4. The Caps are #1 in the Southeast Division.  Gator and I had an excellent time watching the beat Florida 4-0.


5. I’d love it if the Blackhawks could win a road game, especially since they’re on a 9-game trip.  Since that hasn’t happened, any suggestions for something you love about today?

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  1. Letang can tackle me like that any day……as long as there is a bed under us….
    ….oh what the hell…he can do it wherever he wants.

  2. Sue (Scorpiosue1102) Reply

    PK Subban is a punk so it was nice to Tanger show him that you are not going to mess with their big guy.

    I love that there are so many hockey playing hotties. Also, I love my Blackhawks, but they need to start winning on the road.

  3. Well, my hometown Preds were off today, but they had a shootout loss last night and I’m OK with that.

  4. I think every Pens’ fan instantly loves Kris Letang, but that tackle took it to a new level for me. I love watching the scrappy guys defend Sid and Geno. It melts my heart…and we all know SLEWBAN deserves it, anyway.