NHL Man Madness: Round 2

The first results are in! A total of 534 votes were cast in the first round, which means 10 of you each voted about 53 times. I thank you!

bracket - R2

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There you have it, folks. Gabe the Babe dispatched Chris Higgins’ abs, taking home the trophy for biggest win with 88% of the vote. Disney Prince Kris Letang had the second highest with 84.3% over Lupul. Benn, Josi, Seguin, Crosby, Stamkos and Carey Price all topped 70% in their respective categories.

Ain't even sweating

Ain’t even sweating


The closest race went to Marko Dano, who beat Joe Pavelski by three votes. THREE! Democracy, people. Other tight races were Ekblad over Lundqvist by 4% and Wilson over Gingeroux by 6%. John Tavares won by 7% – way too close for me, but I would have just lied if he’d lost. (Democracy!)

He knows the people in charge.

He knows the people in charge.


The most heated campaign came from @eyetotelescope and #TeamToews, who locked up the Original Canadian Dream’s 8% win over Jeff Carter.

What's wrong with being confident?

What’s wrong with being confident?


It only gets tougher from here. Top 2nd round match-ups have our professional analysts buzzing…

Crosby v Letang: Battle of the Burgh




Tavares v Stamkos: We are All 91

But you said we were friends

But you said we were friends.


Benn v Neal: Tatts. Hair. Awkward. Dallas.

Don't touch the hair, man.

Don’t touch the hair, man.


VOTE HERE: WUYS NHL Man Madness 2016 – Round Two

Get to it! Round Two voting will end Friday, March 25 at 8 PM Eastern, just in time to see Batman v Superman… for Wonder Woman, obviously.

Trust me, I've seen it. She's amazing.

Trust me, I’ve seen it. She’s amazing.



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  1. @farahbobeara Reply

    I call for a re-count on Ekblad vs. Lundqvist. Henrik Lundqvist is objectively the most gorgeous man ever.

    • Angie Reply

      Can’t agree more @farahbobeara! Vampires are the ultimate and his sexiness never goes out of style!

      • Erin Haley Reply

        *clears throat* Henrik is lovely, yes, but he can’t hold a candle to our Aged Child, sorry! His wizened sexiness is eternal.

    • Amanda Reply

      Major upset! But now I have faith in seeing Tom make it to the final four. And no Hallsy means I don’t have to watch my boyfriends fight 😉

  2. I love me some Ekblad, but not, I repeat, NOT over Henrik. Blasphemers!!! There will be plagues visited upon us for this injustice.

    • Pants Reply

      Swedish plagues, like raining herring.

  3. Tracey Reply

    I never thought I’d have to choose between my Pens. I may need counselling.

  4. Making me choose between Tyler Seguin and Marko Dano is just cruel!

  5. Carey Price over Mike Green?! Blasphemy.

  6. Erin Haley Reply

    Hahaha, I’m probably evil but I love watching the angst over which guy to choose. Probably because I have hard limits on each guy left so this round was easier. Carey Price? CHECK Sidney Crosby? CHECK. Etc.

  7. Casey Reply

    Parise va Toews? As an American I feel like I’m obliged to vote for Captain America…. who doesn’t love those Chobani commercials?

  8. Josi vs. Landeskog?

    How am I ever supposed to choose?!?!?!?!?

    • @farahbobeara Reply

      I mean…..I love Sweden and all it produces, but good-ness Roman Josi is beautiful. also, basically killin’ it this year in the stats department.