Cruel Summer

In this holiday season of lists, allow me to read from a list that I keep all year:

Times I Don’t Care That You Insist on Wearing  Chain


Stop looking at me, swan.


That’s it. That’s the whole list.

I will also begin a new list: Reasons We Have 47 Twitter Notifications Before 10 AM

The single listed item will be the same.


As ever, he is the list.


Here’s a Southern California tourism video designed to fool you into moving to SoCal for five years where you will never once see this…

Unless you buy a really big TV and watch Top Gun. [Obligatory scene here]


California dreamin’, on such a winter’s day.


It’s going to have to be one of those 4K Ultra TVs. Maybe with 3D.


Duper would be your wingman any time.


It’s okay if Hornqvist is your favorite Penguin after watching this clip. Ian Cole’s gingerbeard and cat snuggling were pretty impressive,  but this is a whole new level.

The Pens spanked the Sharks 5-1 on Tuesday night, and don’t play again until they face the Kings at 4PM on Saturday. That leaves alllllllll day tomorrow for more beach volleyball. In case anyone (else) is interested.


The highest of fives.


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  1. Rochelle Reply

    I woke up to this. BEST. DAY. EVERRRRRRR.

  2. Maddie Reply

    I saw the clips last night. I had some very pleasant dreams.

  3. Next hockey trip, SOCAL. Also, everytime I think 87’s got room on the list, he reminds me that he IS THE LIST.

  4. Guilty as hell of being one of the 47! And one that was REQUIRED to watch that video several times last night! As I told a Twitter friend, “Fan and fangirl are NOT mutually exclusive!” 😀

  5. Cortland Reply

    Thought of you girls as soon as I saw this…gold…pure gold.

  6. treakle1 Reply

    It’s probably for the best that the beach was cordoned off during the volleyball match.
    If I had known about this I would have gathered some friends and sang (poorly) “Take my breath awaaayyy”

  7. Fatema Reply

    DAMN….. SID!!! WHOA….