Back in the Game

Hello internet!

Hockey is upon us and I, for one, am not ready. Starbucks can sling all the pumpkin spice mochachocalattas they want, but it just doesn’t feel like fall until I see this:


Okay, now it’s fall.

Our friend Heather is a spare-time ace photographer, and took these gorgeous shots at Penguins training camp. In the spirit of autumn, we are very thankful! Follow her at @HeatherWeikel to see more photos throughout the season.

More than missing hockey, I’ve missed seeing this:


And obviously someone studied up on our blog before coming to Pittsburgh. This is almost a makeover right? I mean, maybe Phil’s a DIY kind of guy, and took on his own makeover the way we decorate our houses: Pinterest. Gingerbeards are in, friend. Long may yours reign. (Call us before you buy clothes, though. And don’t ask Crosby if your pants fit okay.)


In case you were worried the departure of absurdly handsome Robert Bortuzzo would dampen Sunshine’s smile, Heather has proven otherwise.


Though we trust he’ll be sneaking in a St. Louis game now and then – with us, of course.

toddlers and tiaras

While Geno is just wishing there were a porpoise or an armadillo around to hug.


We’re all looking forward to the season… and Sid knows it.


If I did this right (unlikely, TBH), you can click on any photo for a super hi-res version. All photos belong to Heather, so please Tweet her if you’d like to use one, see more or just say, “MORE PLEASE.”


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  2. Heather Weikel Reply

    Thank you ladies for letting me share! I’m hoping to get to a few games this year. I’m looking forward to March 31 and the return of the original Gingerbeard. You can follow me on Twitter at @HeatherWeikel or @hweikelphoto or on Facebook at hweikelphotography (shameless self-promotion over). But seriously, these ladies are fantastic and I’ve enjoyed following them and Sieve!

  3. Delicious. Exactly what was needed on a day like today, with the Patrick Kane mess and all. Thank you Pants and Heather!

  4. Sarah Reply

    Are you guys watching the adorable doc with Crosby and MacKinnon about his Cole Harbor Hockey School!? Adorbs! Awkward! Sweaty exercising!

  5. Lynn Reply

    The Tim Hortons clips were hilarious!! Can’t wait for the season to start!!