Foxy Friday: You Tell Us

Happy National Hairstyle Appreciation Day!


Okay, it was yesterday. How this is 1) a holiday or 2) occurs without our say-so is a mystery, but it’s never too late to join in the, er, appreciating. Especially on a Friday.

I’ve very scientifically chosen the photos below.  Browse them – and we mean Take. Your. Time. (For example, I haven’t done any other work today.) In the comments, tell us what you love, hate, miss and wish would disappear. I’m sure I’ve left out a few transformations: suggestions are also welcome.

FOXY FRIDAY: Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Jamie Benn: Before vs. After


James Neal: Hedgehog vs. Humbled vs. Hey Ladies


Mike Green: Kombucha vs. Complicated Coffee vs. Wheatgrass vs. Small-Batch Bourbon


Tom Wilson: Boy vs Man


Carl Hagelin: Boy Band vs. Rock Star vs. Singer-Songwriter

2011-2012 NHL Season Player Headshots

Steven Stamkos: Too Short vs. Too Long vs. Just Right

New York Islanders  v Tampa Bay Lightning

 Claude Giroux: Elmo vs. Fozzie vs. Animal


Kris Letang: Disney Prince vs. Disney Dad

letang ax

Last but not least, Barry Melrose: Always vs. Forever


The polls are open. Happy Friday, everyone!

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    • Pants Reply

      From good to great, as if Henrik would give us anything less. Though it has looked the same since 2009 – not that I’m complaining. If it ain’t broke…

  1. Tracey Reply

    Too funny! Love the take you have on all things NHL. I think everyone’s hair is evolving nicely, with the exception of Giroux. I just don’t understand him. But then, he’s a Flyer, so I don’t have to. 🙂

  2. How is Kris Letang SO ATTRACTIVE ALL THE TIME.

      • And have y’all SEEN his son?!?!? ADORABLE x Infinity! There was a post about a week ago of David Perron reading with Alex, then yesterday, Tanger posted a pic of Alex in his Mercedes (of course!) ride-on toy. Precious! 😀

    • #TeamLemieux Reply

      I ask myself this question. every. single. day.

  3. No Jagr mullet??? For shame! Also, Brent Burns: I’m all-in for the Chewie look. It works for him. I would also like to note that for the last game of the season, Jordie was rocking Jamie’s haircut. Matching tattoos AND matching haircuts? STOP IT, you two.

    My thoughts… Jamie: #2 (and I really cannot stress just how much this works for me – LORD, does it work for me); Tom: #2; Hags: #1 (there IS such a thing as too much flow); Stammer: anything except #2 – you are NOT a member of the Patridge family, Steven; Girioux: #1; Letang: #2 – I never thought he was anything special until he cut his hair and voila! Bonjour, monsieur.

    • Pants Reply

      Jagr’s mullet is so over-featured in those mullet story links, it hardly needed my redundancy. If he were to bring it back, THEN we’d be in business!

  4. Fatema Reply

    You should mention Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp’s hair transformation but Kris Letang must make God really proud.

  5. Miranda Reply

    I can’t believe you wrote about hair and didn’t mention Brent Seabrook! 🙂

  6. Michelle Reply

    Patrick Kane? Crazy curls to playoff mullet to male pattern boldness?