Close Shave

I don’t know if this break in our server problems will last, so I will post this quickly! Thanks to everyone who sent it to us – it was worth waiting for.

Tyler Seguin and Jordie Benn made a Super Bowl bet: if Seattle lost, Tyler would have Jordie’s megabeard. If New England lost, Jordie would shave Tyler’s head.


What do we have to say? Thank you, Tom Brady. Thank you, Julian Edelman. Thank you, Katy Perry, for even your low-vocaled halftime show and that time you wore the Holocaust cloak from The Princess Bride had some hand in this.


Usually, we’s say “Not the face!” – but this time, okay.


Benn had been working on that beard for a year, and as much as we’ll miss it, he could easily grow it back by next Thursday.


Should have trimmed it first. Everyone knows that.


Tyler’s hair, on the other hand… don’t mess.


Hey girl/guy/kid/fan/lense/plate of macaroni & cheese. You busy later?


In other proof that the boys take their football seriously, Tyler Tweeted this:


Suede dude booties off when watching football.


And while you may be willing to overlook a missing apostrophe or two, Jamie knows the best way to get revenge is by sitting near someone cuter on occasion.  Maybe he’s taking applications.


Bonus: the Gnome never eats his pretzels.


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  1. Kate Reply

    So my Tyler Seguin thoughts revolve around wanting him to safe and happy and cared for (my Jamie Benn thoughts are, on the other hand, less pure), and the part at around 1:40 where he asked Jordie if this was going to going to affect their friendship made me just want to pull him into a hug and pet his (thankfully intact) hair. Was he kidding? Probably? Did it still hit me right in the “Protect Tyler Seguin” feels? Yup.

    • We are also on the same page with “less than pure” thoughts about Jamie Benn.

  2. 1. This is the ONLY good thing (for me) to come from the Patriots winning. I’ve missed Jordie’s face.

    2. Did you catch this exchange in that video?
    Tyler: Will this affect our friendship?
    Jordie: No
    Tyler: Promise?
    Jordie: Yeah

    PROMISE? And he said it in front of the entire locker room and cameras? Precious.

    3. Inquiring minds want to know the details of the bet between Tyler and Jamie (there had to be one, right?).

    • Kate Reply

      Clearly we were on the same page, Wish! The “promise?” just slayed me. I also love that Jordie was so instantaneous with his responses. No. Yeah. Uuggh. So precious.