Tyler Tuesday: Tats, Stats, Sweaters, and Hats

Pants referenced this photo in her post yesterday, but as the resident Seguinista here at WUYS, I had to weigh in.

First off, can we talk about his legs? Now, I knew that he was bow legged and that they were kinda skinny for a hockey player, but in those white tights…I can’t look away.  Seriously, how does he stand on this twigs, let alone skate? Hockey player bodies just defy explanation.

Seguin, Tyler - ugly sweater

Holly and Jolly.

On a side note – Just me, or has Jamie Benn gotten hotter?  Maybe it is just because we are noticing him more. Or maybe it is because some of Seguin’s swagger is rubbing off on him.  Or maybe he is just a late bloomer and only now coming into his own.  Whatever the cause for Jamie Benn’s metoric rise to hockey hotness, we”ll take it.

In other Tyler Tuesday news –

I love….goooooooooooals

Seguin, Tyler - stats dec 16

‘Sup, ya’ll

Tyler is leading the NHL in points (38) as well as goals (23), five ahead of Rick Nash.  Despite launching himself into the hockey stratsophere this season and becoming a bonafide NHL star, Seguin and the Stars are still 6th in their division and 11th in the conference with a record of 11-13-5.   Seguin could very well win the league’s scoring title this year while his team fails to make the playoffs…again.

*deepsigh* from klingbergluvr.tumblr.com

Boston to Texas

Recently Tyler hung out with this guy…

Seguin, Tyler - with kenny

Sober as birds.

You may be asking yourself “Who the hell is that?” Well, that guy is dancer/actor Kenny Wormald.  Not exactly a household name, but you might remember him from the recent Footloose remake (which was surprisingly enjoyable) and he has danced for Justin Timberlake and JLo to name but a few.

But what makes this photo especially exciting for me is that Kenny happens to be from my very small hometown in Massachusetts, he went to my high school and we danced at the same studio growing up.

One degree, people. One degree.

Players gonna play. Haters gonna hate.
In a recent interview for Stars Insider, intrepid reporter (and WUYS hero) Julie Dobbs (@julieanndobbs) sat down with Seguin for a little Q & A.  Pretty standard fare – favorite food, favorite movie, etc – until you get to this.

Seguin, Tyler - fave tattoo

Now I know where to send his Christmas cookies.

Julie gets up close and personal with Tyler’s new and most favorite tattoo and we thank her.  We also applause her for keeping it strictly professional and for not gingerly resting her hand on his bicep and lingering awkwardly.  We’re not sure if we could resist when temptation is so near.

We also learn that Seguin is a Taylor Swift fan (but honestly, who isn’t?) and that loves “Shake It Off” just as much as the rest of the planet does.

from bennyandthestars.tumblr.com

from bennyandthestars.tumblr.com

One guilty + another guilty pleasure.  Suddenly we don’t feel as ashamed.  I don’t know if Julie wrote these interview questions but whomever did, we thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of our Seguinista hearts. You can watch the entire episode HERE.

sick. beats.

So that’s your Tyler Tuesday round up. I’m always on the lookout for more Tyler news, so feel free to email me at chuck@whatsupyasieve.com or hit me up on twitter at @WhatsUp_YaSieve.

Happy Tyler Tuesday, ya’ll!

from siriuslygoonerific.tumblr.com

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  1. Kate Reply

    Someone on tumblr compared Tyler’s legs to Spongebob Square Pants, and now I can’t unsee it. The thigh gap girls on Instagram would be so jealous of him.

    And I really think that once you guys featured Jamie on Foxy Friday, he’s now constantly trying to live up to the title. And it’s working. Holy cow it’s working.

  2. Buffalo Gal in Big D Reply

    Benn has become exponentially hotter over the past couple of seasons. I think he he has come in to his own (needed to loose his baby face look) and the Tyler Swag has definitely rubbed off on him.

  3. Buffalo Gal in Big D Reply

    And wow, Time (magazine for those who don’t recognize it) named “The Ebola Fighters” as their “person” of the year. I name Chuck and Pants. Ya’ll have changed my life.

  4. Jamie’s hotness has gone off the charts over the past year-ish. The haircut and the sleeve are almost too much to handle. Can we *please* get a Stars Insider feature on Jamie’s tats??

  5. jana Reply

    FINALLY was able to watch the Stars Insider video with Segs. I have to say, he oozes charm … and I like it. I give the woman interviewer credit. She was keeping her cool, but Segs is all smiley and joking–he’s hard to resist.