Hockey is Happening!

Welcome back, hockey people we haven’t seen in a long time!  (Forgive our over-excitement.  Our teams can solve this problem by winning more/longer next year.)

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The NHL Awards are tonight – on a Tuesday.  Let that sink in… Tuesday.  Rock and roll.  We’ll take it, of course, desperate and starved as we are.  But not to overload Tuesday, hockey festivities began yesterday in two cities.

In Vancouver, Hockey Canada hosted an Olympic Gala and distributed rings.  Sid was there, opting for a brown t-shirt because he saw how excited we all got about mint green the other day.  Of course he was with Matt Duchene, who is turning turning into a country singer before our eyes.  (No complaints.)  PK puts everyone’s wardrobe to shame with zero effort.


Especially Dan Hamhuis.  That color combination is so bad you can feel Pietrangelo and Weber begging for help as they stare into the camera.  Jame Benn (Short hair, don’t care!) had to look away.


The next photo comes in two versions.

#1: THE CHUCK – Bergy and Nash being cool, hanging in the back, looking all cheekbones about it.


Chuck’s reaction:


#2: THE PANTS – Front and center but you probably missed it on first glance…


Live shot of me:


Tavares in a t-shirt, ace jeans and a backwards ball cap?  Casual Monday-slash-I am dead.  Just don’t let this be the end of pleated khakis, polos and belts, John.  Don’t get too cool on me now.

Not to be forgotten, Sid’s shirt is okay too.


And then, his suit.


I swear he owns two suits and five shirts.  When future generations of WUYS readers use the internet built into their brains to crack open the Crosby photo file, they won’t be able to tell one year from another.  His whole career is “circa navy suit.”

Last night culminated in the Hockey Canada Gala.  PK did that thing again with his wardrobe and Carey Price loved his beard as much as we do.


There’s John, almost appearing again.  I don’t see a single photo of him in what I presume was a suit… not one.  Who goes an entire pride-of-the-nation event wearing a shiny new Olympic ring and does not get photographed a single time?  John Tavares, folks.

Meanwhile in Vegas…

At NHL Awards 2014, media availability, Tazer discussed contract extensions, his lifelong commitment to Patrick Kane and he even almost smiled one time [video].


Maybe he was thinking about his pink shorts.


Giroux was there too – I tell ya, this guy could make a girl forget she hates the Flyer.  Whew.  So much so that I didn’t look at the video title and see SCOTT HARTNELL WAS TRADED [video].  Nine hours elapsed before I found this out!  If that’s not the truest sign of summer, take back my margarita.


It figures that Hartnell was only traded as far as Columbus, after the time they gave the Pens these past playoffs.  Why can’t people get traded to the KHL?  At least it was a swap for RJ Umberger (what I say when I think about calories for two seconds then order what I want anyway) and not Dubinsky.  That would be from bad to worse.

Claude also discussed his Hart nomination [video], which I hope he loses.

Ovi spent the week in Vegas posting drunken Instagrams, then spoke about the Caps new coach [video].  I wonder how much of the second thing had to do with so much of the first. Of course I screen capped a rather smug moment.


The NHL Awards broadcast tonight at 7 PM.  I am debating watching in real time or waiting until fast forward becomes an option.  My “I can’t watch The Office, it’s too awkward!”-phobia is at DEFCON ONE during these shows.  Either way, if I survive I will post tomorrow.  With some actual hockey content.

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  1. So AFTER this week we are free from being emotionally invested in hockey until September, yes? The are really wrapping it up with a 1-2 punch this year that I am choosing to take personally.

    “Hey Jessica, remember when you went to the NHL Awards in the Jay Mohr era before Toews was fun? Oh, no? How about we bring half of Team Canada to your doorstep, but on a Monday while you’re at work?”

  2. Where did soccer mom go? Tavares could dress like this and go out in public and 9 times out of 10, I’d walk right past him without recognizing him. That aside, he’s kind of hot when he dresses his age (I’m finally catching on, Pants!)

  3. Kate Reply

    I have so many thoughts! First, dang, I missed you guys! This made my day.

    I always get confused about the dress code for these little afternoon events. You have Matt Duchene looking like he’s on a beer run and then Pietrangelo is sporting a look that would be very appropriate for a casual lunch with his girlfriend and her parents. I do wonder if Jamie Benn is wearing the cardigan because he’s worried about his tattoo inciting riots again on tumblr…?

    Carey Price. Your beard is good. Tazer, go to Nantucket and be with your people. Embrace the Nantucket reds.

    That Giroux video and the entire Hartnell trade is making me feel bad for Giroux and that is… confusing. I cannot have any wiggle room in my feelings for him.

  4. Cassy Reply


    That is all

  5. Please, can we see some more of these pink shorts?! I speak for a nation. Thanks for posting, Pants, we missed ya!

    • Pants Reply

      HERO! Esther, you are a hero. Thanks!