Tyler Tuesday: And So It Begins…

The Dallas Stars’ season is over but weep not, interweb friends!

You know what that means?

More of this!

Seguin, Tyler - cabo beach

And this!

And hopefully much MUCH more of this!


#HatTip to Tyler and Co. for even making the playoffs and for holding their own against the Ducks. I’m sure that Seguin would rather still be playing hockey, but I think that he’s gonna just fine.

Also fine (both literally and figuratively) – Jamie Benn.  Seguin’s life partner will no doubt be spending his summer making Pants I and fall more in love with him.


Bless your heart, Instagram.

We are girding our loins in preparation for what Mr. Seguin and social media holds for us this summer.

This is actual quote.

Judging by the photos above, I think we’re off to a great start.

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  2. Tina & Amy. Infinite Love.

    Tina & Amy. Gus & Shawn. Joey & Chandler. Sandy & Melissa. Kristen & Maya. These are our inspiration.

  3. jana Reply

    Without Tyler on Twitter, he’d BETTER take full advantage of Instagram this summer. My life depends on it.

    • Instagram is better. No talking. Just shirtless pictures.

      • Jess should be running Instagram’s marketing campaign because that is some ROCK SOLID logic right there.

  4. Jenn Reply

    Thank you for that squat GIF. It’s beautiful.