Birthday Boy: Jonathan Toews

If I had Photoshop at work, I’d make a picture of Jonathan Toews wearing a pair of Olympic gold medals and a pair of bootyshorts, standing atop two Stanley Cups, a Conn Smythe trophy, the city of Chicago and your boyfriend’s hopes and dreams of ever being good enough.  Since I don’t, this ought to give you the idea.

t ski

Better than a wind machine.

Or maybe his selection to Rant Sports’ 15 Pro Athletes Who Would Steal Your Girlfriend in a Heartbeat.  Jon is listed at #1.

2014 NHL Stadium Series - Pittsburgh Penguins v Chicago Blackhawks

Truth in advertising.

Happy 26th birthday, Jonathan Toews.


Right down the fairway.

We didn’t get to talk a lot about the Blackhawks this season, consumed as we were with life in the East.  If I could freeze time to watch hockey, I’d never miss a Toews game.  Chicago didn’t replicate last year’s season-start winning streak, they didn’t win the conference or even their division.  But they did just win four in a row to put down the Blues and advance to Round 2 like they owned the place. And after two Cups in four years, maybe they do.

t cup

Toews knows how to party.

I could talk forever about Tazer.  Suffice to say I wish he played for my team, or barring that I wish I got to watch him more often.  If I had kids – boys or girls, fans or players – Toews is who I would tell them to watch. Nowadays, they might even learn to have a little fun.

Past JT19 birthday celebrations: 2011; 2012; 2013 As the Blackhawks await the winner of the Wild/Avalanche series, we hope Jon puts these days off to good use.  Rest that beat-up arm, do some squats, have some cake.  We’ll see you soon.


They look so grown up.

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  1. Robyn Sparkles Reply

    yea….. I made it to the third picture. Now my day is now completely wasted as I shame spin down an endless and beautiful Google rabbit hole of J. Toews pictures. Thanks ladies! Keep up the great work!

  2. It’s also Dan Girardi’s birthday. And he’s turning 30, which makes me feel less old.

    Birthday victory against the Flyers tonight!!!

    • Beth Reply

      I second the birthday wishes to Dan Girardi! He is a former Foxy Friday after all. Let’s Go Rangers!


    Also – that RantSports piece. I am dying. But he has all his original teeth. For now. Because hockey.