Day Seven

It was bound to happen and one night it did (Thanks, Garth)… the Tampa Bay Lightning were the first team eliminated from the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  I haven’t heard from Lindsay, who is probably wrapped in her Stamkos jersey like a shroud and laying on the floor in the space between her bed and the wall.  That is what happens when you let yourself fall for more than one team.

Canadiens: 4; Lightning: 3 [Habs win series 4-0]

It looked like OT until Max Pacioretty, who I still have trouble remembering is American, scored his first ever playoff goal with 43 seconds left in the third.


And the crowd goes wild.  Literally.  I don’t care for/about the Habs but a moment like that melts my heart.  Much has been made of the Habs being the only Canadian team in the post-season, and they haven’t advanced past the first round since 2010. They become 2014’s first playoff bracket move:


Farewell to the Bolts, whose beards we will not get to enjoy.  We’ll give Stamkos a week to mope then we expect daily Gary Roberts workout videos.


You’re welcome.

So Lightning fans, who will you root for now?

Bruins: 3; Detroit: 0 [Bruins lead series 2-1]

The Canadiens will await the winner of this series, which is getting fiesty slimy.  In the grand Detroit tradition of throwing octopi on the ice, a fan tossed one during the anthem.  Chances are it wasn’t Justin Verlander because it came up short, sliding gently into Tuukka Rask’s skate like it was afraid of becoming sushi.  Tuukka gave it a well-deserved look of disgust and proceeded to beat the Red Wings in reply.


Gif by Twitter/@PeteBlackburn

Brad Marchand barely dodged a potentially terrible knee-on-knee hit from Brendan Smith – then went down and grabbed the wrong leg.  I have to mention it, you know that about me.  Video/Gif/weaksauce explanation at CBS Sports.  Better examination on Days of Y’Orr, including a Marchand gif that makes me want to stab myself in the face.

Rangers: 4; Flyers: 1 [NYR lead series 2-1]

This game can be summed up in two images:



I’m still rooting for everyone to lose but even I had a little bit of fun at the end there.

Sharks: 4; Kings: 3 [Sharks lead series 3-0]

It took OT and by far the Kings’ best result in this series, but in the end it was still the Sharks and their weird beard dreams taking a chokehold lead on this series.  BU’s Matt Nieto scored his first playoff goal last night – yay for days!  The Kings will try to stay alive Thursday night.

Read this adorable Hertl/Nieto rookie BFF story from the SJ Mercury News.  They better have those Minions in the locker room.

For tonight…


Pens and Blue Jackets are up first thing evening, as if anyone has recovered from Saturday night.  The Stars and Ducks are on early (8PM ET), so you can see Jamie Benn’s face/Jordie Benn’s beard and if they’re able to even that series.  The Blackhawks will try to take two of two at home from St. Louis in the not-quite-so late game (9:30 PM ET).

These little recaps are really helping make sure I have at least looked at every playoff game.  That said, they are 3-minute looks.  If I miss something good, let me know!  I can’t be everywhere and Mr. Pants is already really tired of the playoffs.

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  1. Shezabullgirl Reply

    I have but one thing to say. Long Live The King.

  2. Even though the Bolts lost (I’m still wearing my Stamkos jersey) this might be my favourite post of the playoffs (minus that part about the Habs celebrating). That Ryan Gosling gif? That Rangers pic? I can’t decide what I like more…the Flyers fan or the goal slowly flicking to four…it’s messing with my brain but all of it is somehow so glorious.

    Playoffs…messed, yo.

  3. “I’m watching my favorite show, where the Flyers lose in the playoffs.”

    Pants, can I give you a hockey hug?

  4. DammitBeavis Reply

    Oh, Pants… Why would the Flower do such a thing. I’m so messed up, don’t know whether to go on a rant or just cry. Grrrrrr…. And is Mr. Real Deal turning edgy(er)? Just sent my husband out for a punching bag and Kleenex.