Tyler Tuesday: Beardspiration

Tyler and the Dallas Stars giving new meaning to the phrase “by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin”.

They just squeeked into the playoffs and took then second Wild Card spot in the West.  I’m genuinely excited for Tyler (really I am!), given the circumstances of his departure from Boston.  He has matured into a high caliber NHLer and his BMOC bromance with Jamie “Encino Man” Benn was critical to Dallas’s success this season.

But the question remains – Will this new found maturity and attitude also translate to his beard-growing game?

Might we suggest he look to the following paragons of bristle and beauty for some “Beardspiration”.

Henry Cavill.

Armor optional.

The Marines from Zero Dark Thirty.

#ChrisPratt #JoelEdgerton

Ben Affleck.


Tom Mison.

Jake Gyllenhaal.

Whoever this guy is.

Any one of these looks will work quite well for us, Mr. Seguin. Quite well, indeed.

Dallas’ 1st round series verses Anaheim starts tomorrow night.  Could be short one for the Stars, given the way that the Ducks have been playing, but we’re hoping for seven games, if only to see what Seguin’s stubble might become.


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  1. The alternate title of this post: “An excuse for Chuck to post pictures of all of her imaginary boyfriends”. #approved

  2. NY Girl Reply

    I realize the Devils missed the playoffs and Henrique missed the last 5 games with a … ahem…groin injury, but no one sports a goatee quite like the half – Portuguese Adam Henrique. Too bad the Devils front office doesn’t allow facial hair during the regular season. May have helped them win a flippin’ shootout.