Tyler Tuesday: Step Aside, Mortals

Once there was a man.  His name was Daryl Reaugh, aka Razor.  Once this man did an interview with Tyler Seguin.  A photo was taken. This photo, to be exact.

Photo removed by copyright request. You can see it at www.stuffabouthockey.com/blog and stars.nhl.com.

In any other realm, we’d be talking about Razor in this photo because he’s kinda of a Harrison and his suit game is mad tight.

But not in this realm.  In this realm, Pants and I rule all.  Hockey is the national sport and there are La Luna taco stands on every corner.  And in this realm, Tyler Seguin is a god amongst mortals.

I know some people are put off by the tattoos and the rumors of bad behavior, but there can be no denying the celestial aura that permeates from every pore of his body.

To be so incredibly talented and devastatingly handsome must be exhausting.

Read Razor’s take on this photo here.  It’s all sorts of awesome. He might be our spirit animal.

Oh and since baseball Opening Day was yesterday, here’s a little something for you.  Enjoy.

Let’s go Red Sox!


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    • After reading Razor’s comments about that photo, I knew that this was a man who understood us.

  1. Casey Reply


    PS: GO RED SOX 🙂

  2. Kate Reply

    You guys. Because of Tyler Tuesdays, I’m now watching Tyler Seguin’s highlights and interviews on youtube and then that leads me to watch Jamie Benn’s highlights and interviews and then I fall down the YouTube rabbit hole and end up watching this: http://youtu.be/VB8JgHd-62M

    I don’t get it but I’ve rewatched many times because it’s s’cute. (But lacking Segs, obviously.)

  3. Pants Reply

    I have tix to the Stars/Caps game tonight but I have to work, so if you can get in the car now you might just make it!

    • If only I had the power of Hermoine Granger and could apparate….

  4. NY Girl Reply

    Cheekbones? Adam Henrique! Now those be some cheekbones!