I’ll Buy That

I was right in the middle of working when this happened.

Sidney Crosby Reebok commercial: “Home”


Okay, day’s over! Blame Alison.

There are also a few new Crosby commercials on YouTube.  Here’s my wallet, Reebok, just take it.  I don’t even care what you’re selling.


Let me pause that for you.


Side note: I do care what they’re selling.  I have a pair of Reeboks with this “Nanoweb upper” and I hate them.  My foot slides all over the place. (/rant)

Here it is in French:


… which apparently requires a red shirt instead of green.  Shirt, I am looking at his shirt, people.


Workout videos always me want to run stairs and do squats – yes, really.  If you’re like me, here’s some instruction from Sid’s trainer Andy O’Brien.  While clearly designed for athletes, this could be re-packaged and advertised as the “Booty Like Crosby” workout if people wanted to make some serious money.

Fire Up Your Game with Reebok Canada and Andy O’Brien:

Sid crossed a street in Edmonton last night, resulting in a thousand fan and creeper photos if you’d like to have an Awkward Crosby Tumblr laugh.  Not into the blue blazer/back t-shirt combo, Kid.

Or you could just click this photo for Team Canada’s super hi-res roster picture.

sid canada

Canada – Understanding its Assets Since 1987

Consider this your Foxy Friday, because I won’t be doing anything else today.

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  1. “Canada – Understanding its Assets Since 1987” – we’ve always been deep when it comes to natural resources. Side note: I love/hate these shirts.


    I was going to take today off from the gym but then these videos happened and the Pens aren’t playing until 10pm so I have really no excuse. DAMMIT, SID.

  3. Amazing post! Made my day 🙂

    I think I may have a handle on the whole awkward Crosby pockets thing. It may be nothing but at the same time if he poses with his hands in his pockets, nobody can have evidence of inappropriate touching (especially with kids). Maybe I’m overthinking or reaching.
    Maybe his hands are just cold :p

  4. Cassy Reply

    I call bullshit Pants – you were looking at his glutei, legs, pecs etc….. Lol

  5. Steph Reply

    Not gonna lie, I am curious to see these awkward tumblr photos of him crossing the street. I can’t seem to ind them so if anyone could help a sista out, that would be highly appreciated!

    • Pants Reply

      They’re not actually of Sid crossing a street. I just meant he went out for probably 5 minutes and was photographed a hundred times with a hundred fans. Awkwardly, as he does.

      • Steph Reply

        Haha ooooh ok. I thought this was real and I was slightly intrigued (as I am by anything Crosby related).

  6. You’re “looking at his shirt”?

    Riiiiight. Sure you are.

    Liar, Liar. Pants on fire.

  7. Hahahaa! I LOVE you girl’s blogg! Always entertaining, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your Pens posts! Especially Neiler and Sid! Thanks girls!

  8. Pia Reply

    Kris Letang ‘accidentally’ showed Brandon Sutter’s junk on TV. You’re welcome. (Poor kid, but I don’t think he is taking it too seriously. He is probably laughing at that right now)

    • Yeah, he did and the Twitterverse was CRAZY after it happened Saturday night! Poor Suttsy! Of course the menfolk of the Twittah (at least on my TL and many of whom are Pens fans), who would be thrilled if it were Amanda Kessel caught nude, were not happy. Us females, however, were mostly ok with it. Hahaha