Foxy Friday: Matt Calvert

I don’t remember how this guy came to my attention, but when I almost Foxy Friday’d him a few weeks ago, he was injured (like everyone else). Now he’s back and refreshed my memory in the best possible way – by scoring last night against the Rangers.  So here you have it, friend.

Foxy Friday: Matt Calvert


If you want to get noticed around here, it can’t hurt to look like a Weasley.


Or perhaps:


Matt, who spent half of last season with Columbus and half with the AHL’s Springfield Falcons, recently returned after missing 19 games due to abdominal surgery [link].  He scored just 2:47 into his first game back on November 22 (loss to VAN).  Might as well run around yelling, “Hiiiiiiiiii, I’m here now!”


Then he scored against the Penguins, when he knew I’d be watching, and again the very next day vs. New Jersey.


Last night, Matt put one past King Henrik to score in a 3rd straight game.  That’s 4 G in 13 games – not bad considering last year he totaled 9 G in 42 games.

Throw in a Foxy Friday and who knows where this could lead.


Matt exhibits most of our required Foxy Friday qualities, such as:

– Wearing shorts and having charming interactions with children.  Bonus if they’re at the same time.


– Palpable awkwardness.  I like that his expression can be mistaken for a smile,when really he’s unsure why you’ve surprised him in this hallway.


– Inevitable acceptance of helmet hair:


– Home improvement skills:


– Sense of humor/fearless Halloween approach:


And meeting this week’s requirement, he even has a PUPPY.


So far the only strike against Matt here is he doesn’t like One Direction.  This calls for a conversionary many-hour road trip sing along with me and Alison. Perhaps from here to Columbus for next year’s All-Star Game?


Matt’s 24th birthday is Christmas Eve – you know that’s rough, people always going for just one present.  Consider this an early gift, Matt, and maybe we’ll put something else under the tree.


Stats list Matt at 5’11” or 5’9″ depending on where you look.  Even at that size, he has 4 NHL fights – 2 wins, a loss and a draw, in this one which I’ve seen before. Sorry Matt, didn’t notice you there behind Letang’s sexhair.


As this will be Matt’s first full season with the Blue Jackets, we implore those fans to get on the case right away.  There is only one – one! – page of Tumblr content on Matt.  There are more posts about the bagel I had for breakfast.


We trust it won’t take long to remedy this injustice now that Matt’s back on active duty.  The Jackets have won their last two, and next face a bunch of teams we don’t care if they beat (STL, WPG) and one we hope the squash (Philly). So live on, goal-scoring streak.  May you be sustained by the power of Foxy Friday.


Follow Matt at @mattcalvert11.

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  1. He is one of my favorite players in the league – tiny, scrappy, willing to do whatever it takes – and he totally deserves this Foxy Friday honor 🙂

  2. Alexandra B. Reply

    I don’t blame him for not liking 1D! I loathe 1D with a burning hatred lol.