Terrible Tuesday

Get it, like Mikey Monday?  Well I can maniacally laugh now because the Caps just won an overtime comeback victory, but look at this:


That would be 18 penalty minutes in under 12 minutes of game time.  Mike Green: Time Turner.  Making time out of time that hasn’t happened yet because he has that many penalties.

time turner

If you have Game Center Live, you can go back and watch this.  I do not recommend the first period, as this was my reaction:


Instead, read this Russian Machine Never Breaks recap which softens the blow with gifs.  Or just laugh with the girl whose fiance scored 4 goals in the game.

mike That is one fewer than Mike Green took penalties, so there.  Nicky B had 5 points, because he and Mike always have to be matchy matchy.

caps xmas

Now no more of this, Mike.  The Caps have won 3 in a row and moved to 2nd in the Metropolitan Division… which is a bit like a Perfect Attendance Award, at 36 points overall, but there is still time to get hot and stay hot or just be Ovechkin.  Damn, he has a lot of goals.


That’s almost – almost! –  as good as holding a dog like an awkward baby.


After this awful hockey weekend, not even Mike Green getting 5 penalties in less time than it takes to make macaroni & cheese can get me down.  We love you, Mike.  We even love Ovi right now.  That was a sick performance but a man so gleefully parenthetical.  Four goal games make me want to madly punctuate things in place of emoticons.


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  1. Marlene Reply

    It is sad when your fans boo you, Mike Green. Please do not do that again. I still eat too much mac & cheese, so I know that you are correct in your time assessment. Now to happier things, Ovechkin and Backstrom. Let me just say that they shouldn’t wait until there is only 32 seconds left to play to score and tie the game. I have high blood pressure and that certainly didn’t help it. My dog is traumatized because of how much I was screaming and jumping off of the couch. He is hiding in my bedroom now. I can’t even say anything worthy of how amazing Ovechkin and Backstrom have been this season. Sorry to Holtby for Mike Green’s inability to keep his stick down and THANK YOU Grubauer for a great performance. I love hockey!!!!

  2. Alexandra B. Reply

    Bleh i hate Ovie! as a Pens fan, i’d love for him to stop scoring this season and let my Crosby and Malkin take the scoring titles! he’s an arrogant p****, he’s had enough scoring titles in my opinion…. -___- let someone else score more goals than you, Ovie, for once ugh.

    • Lynn Reply

      I agree! I think he’s pretty awesome scorer but I’m not really a fan. Just meh. Crosby and Geno all the way!!!

  3. If my company gave out misconducts for using the F word, I’d be Shanabanned for life.

  4. alysha Reply

    It was one strange game. first period, Green kept getting penalities, and although I don’t know you, I thought of you immediately.

    So I’m basking in the glory of the Bolts maybe just winning one of these days and wondering, where’s Ovi? Is he out hurt or sick?

    Then second period happens and Ovi is like the only player needed on the ice. He was a crazy sniping machine!

    My poor Bolts! 🙁

    • Pants Reply

      Haha, I am flattered! I hope someday Mike will score another goal (since he has only one so far) and you’ll think of me in good times too.