Aaaaaaaaaaaand PUPPIES.

It’s been suggested the entire Penguins PR staff is made up of 20-something girls with excellent internet understanding.

Based on today’s evidence, this court concurs.


Penguins and Pets Calendar Shoot

Puppies!  And cuddling!  And days of the week!  Wait, I got carried away.  Is this calendar delivered with an ice cream cake covered in sprinkles?  Do the dogs featured cost more to adopt because they, like game-worn jerseys, have been wrapped around your favorite hockey player?


TAKE MY MONEY.  Here is my wallet.  Also, here’s a receipt for juice I bought at Target, just return it and take that money too.

puppies4 Nealmobile’s holding this pup as awkwardly as Mike Green did.  Told you so.

I would adopt every one.  Just get in my car everybody, we’re going home.  No more sad Sarah McLachlan songs for you!


There will be more photos today, and hopefully more video.  Please say they give Matt Niskanen a turtle.  I want specifically to see Crosby with the tiniest kitten available, and he fits it into his pocket.  Because it’s smaller than his hands.   You can take a screenshot and bury me with it.

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  1. nafio Reply

    Any bets on how many of them Geno went home with?

  2. Tiffany Reply

    Imagine! Tiny kittens for Crosby’s pockets! He’s been desperate to fit something in those. Hands? Close, but not quite. Kittens? Finally!

  3. Heather (HockeyValleyGirl) Reply

    OH. MY. GOD. I still haven’t recovered from last night when I discovered these pictures. Dear James Neal, does it buy points with you that I have a white French Bulldog who was a rescue? Will you come to my house and take him for a walk? If Nealer, Sunshine and Geno brings all the rescue puppies in Pittsburgh to my house, I’ll adopt them. I’m buying 10,000 copies of this calendar and plastering it everywhere I am.

  4. MB Reply

    I am still recovering, too. This is just too much. TOO MUCH. I’m all for buying the calendar — anything for shelter dogs! — but how much do I have to pay to get James to pick ME up like that?!

  5. Pants Reply

    I have this idea that puppies understand Geno’s English and he understands their puppy-speak, like Han Solo and Chewbacca. It just feels right.

    • Beth Reply

      BHAHAHAHAH HAHAH HAHA HAHA!!!! I think you might be on to something here.

  6. Fingers crossed for someone trying to hand Sid a tiny, adorable all-black kitten.

    • Pants Reply

      I support your diabolical plan.

      • The image of a tiny, adorable, all-black kitten in Crosby’s tiny pockets?? He’s Canadian, so there’s no way he’d refuse. He’s too polite.

  7. Josephine Reply

    I’ll take three, one for each room in my tiny apartment (I’m only a student). Three what?! Well I’m not fussed, I’ll accept calendars, puppies or three Penguins. Or one of each!

  8. Steph Reply

    Does anyone know how or where to get a copy of this calendar??

    • Josephine Reply

      It will be on sale just before Thanksgiving. Keep checking the Pens website nearer that time.

  9. Beau Bennett seriously just radiates good-old-American boy wholesomeness.

    Also I love that in the video there’s a fan in the locker room running and Geno’s shirt flutters in the breeze like it’s some kind of Harlequin romance photo shoot.

  10. Geno. Stop. I can’t tell if this is the best or worst thing I’ve ever seen. It’s obviously the best, but it almost causes me physical pain.

  11. Mary Kennedy Withrow Reply

    I was actually there with the Animal Rescue League, Geno wanted puppies “that would kiss him” He actually LOVES puppies. These guys were so nice and pleasant, and so willing to help the animals. It was a great two days of shooting, the calendar in the past has been beautiful and this year’s will be no different! Go Pens and Go ARL!!!

    • Why I am not surprised by this? You should have just had Geno lay down on the floor and let the puppies crawl all over him.