Foxy Friday: Ryan O’Reilly

Today, we’re heading out west for our Foxy Friday Honoree.

Ryan O’Reilly

The basics – Born in 1991. 6′ ft, 200 lbs centerman.  Drafted by the Avalanche 33rd overall in 2009. Career stats – 269 games played, 47 goals, 83 assists.

Now those are all well and good but let’s get down to the real reasons he’s our Foxy Friday.

He kinda has a Zach Parise thing going on.  And everyone knows that is a good thing.

 His name makes him sound like he’s an Irish guy from Southie…


Or a boy-bander.

Girl.  Let me love you.

Excellent WUYS-approved eyebrows.

 A quintessential hockey smile.

He can serenade you with a song.

Killer dance moves.

Just like us, he enjoys ice cream in moderation.

..and wee little bebbies.

He understands the power of a good workout video. (Seriously. This thing is amazing.  I could do an entire post on it alone.  Brilliance.)

When you’re besties with Gabe Landeskog, one cannot help but become foxy.  It’s osmosis.

Welcome to the Foxy Friday Fraternity, Ryan O’Reilly.

Your face.

We like that ‘ish.

Follow Ryan on the twitter at @Ryan_OReilly90

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  1. Tiffany Reply

    Ahhhh. Welcome to the FFF, Ryan! And to my mind’s revival of the ‘Black Donnelly’s’ (Damn you, NBC, for cancelling!) You are wicked hot.

  2. Kaitlin Reply

    An excellent choice! But Chuck, you overlooked the puppy picture!!!!!

  3. that girl Reply

    Jesus Mary AND Joseph. I have three words. Delish. Delish. Delish.

    #soundofmefaintingdeadaway #lilbit

  4. Good lord, that video… *fans self*

    Workout videos should be mandatory. Every single player must make at least one per summer. Who do I contact about this?

    • The workout video sold it for me. I could wax poetic all day about that video.

      It’s like porn for a hockey fan.

      • that girl Reply

        My GAWD… It IS, isn’t it?!? Oh that’s positively indecent #blushinglilbit

  5. Pants Reply

    Happy Birthday to me indeed. Nice work, Chuck!

  6. Ella Reply

    He is adorable. But every time I see his name I think of Dean Winter’s character Ryan O’Reily from ‘OZ’.

  7. Happy Friday, indeed!

    Factor is my newest guilty hockey pleasure. He’s just so…foxy.

    Thank you for giving us all something to drool over 🙂

  8. So Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving. I have a lot of things to be thankful for – this is at the top of the list. EXCELLENT choice, Chuck.

    That video… *wipes mouth*

  9. Beth Reply

    I admit it. I just watched the video 5 times in a row in the middle of Starbucks. Porn indeed. Who do we have to talk to at the NHLPA to get mandatory work out videos done?

  10. Melissa Reply

    Hoooly crap that porn, erm, workout video. I need to start paying more attention to the Avalanche. That ridiculous song and those slow-motion jump sequences are something out of a sexed up John Hughes movie I’d be very into…and he wears those tight shorts while rollerblading very well, I might add. Oof. Wow. I’m just stunned.

  11. Everything about that video is PERFECT. It’s like a trailer for an 80s movie and I want to see the full 90 minutes.

  12. Workout video + adorable puppies = perfection.

  13. ummmm that girl? Reply

    Ok… I should #notbecorruptingtheyoungladies in such a fashion… Buuuut don’t watch the video. #play it aaaand #justlistentohim AAAACK! #wholenewlevelofnaughty #paasedout #omgdead #stickaforkinmedead

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