All the World’s a Stage

I got home and flipped on the TV last night and this was on.  There may have been shrieking.

Tavares shows Roenick around the ice – NBC Sports Network

(If you’re in Canada, enjoy this budget version filmed off my TV, complete with crickets singing outside.)


I can promise you this will go on all season with me.  Get on board now.

After the interview, Liam, Mike and Keith discussed how the disparity between talent and fame has never been more pronounced for a NY athlete than it is with John Tavares.


Not for long, John.  I am here to help.


Sincerely, Your Publicist


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  1. Amanda in Dallas Reply

    Thank you Pants for starting my day off right 🙂 He’s adorable.

  2. ambitiouspants Reply

    If anyone wants to bask in a gif form of his smile, I whipped a couple up last night:

    The video went all skippy for me in the moment in your last screencap but I’m totally going to poke at it again because he is adorable beyond all reason. 😀 He was so happy! And relatively not uncomfortable! Roenick, never again will I say you’ve never done anything for me.

    • Pants Reply

      Love this: “relatively not uncomfortable!”

      • ambitiouspants Reply

        Sometimes you gotta take what you can get with this kid. <3

  3. Part of being a good publicist is ensuring all the right angles for your client, all the right shots on camera. What did I say last night about a sex filter, Pants? Well done, Ms. Publicist.

  4. Caitlin Reply

    The video says “not currently available” 🙁

    Maybe because I’m in Canada…