Fashion Island

The NY Islanders are really making a play for prominence both on the ice and in the New York media, all before their 2015 move to Brooklyn.

I did not enjoy how close they came in last year’s playoffs vs. the Penguins.  But I do enjoy anyone taking on the the Rangers because, well, I hate those guys.  Before this season has even started, the Islanders have stepped onto another battlefield usually dominated by the NYR: the fashion pages.


(Yes, that’s Tyra in a Rangers jersey brushing Lindsay Lohan’s hair.  Not fake.)


Former Foxy Friday Matt Martin is featured in the new Athlete’s Quarterly.



Here’s the feature – Athletes Quarterly – which contains what may be the best typo that ever existed solely to make my point for me:

“Martin, a 24-year-old left wing brings to the team a hybrid skill set that seems to be coming into Vogue in the NHL.”

Because Vogue should always be capitalized.


We typically prefer our fights full of blood, sweat and hockey tears, but it’s a win/win if these teams want to duke it out on the runway too.


Matt also attended the VMAs last month, held at the Barclay Center-slash-Isles’ future home.  We could get used to this.


Side note: there is no problem that can’t be cured with 10 minutes of Tyra Banks gifs.  Go on, try it.

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  1. Robyn Reply

    you can’t hear Vogue and NHL in the same sentence without thinking Sean Avery. At least I can’t.

  2. The Isles may be improving on their red carpet readiness, but I don’t see them ever over-taking the Rangers in that department (sorry/not sorry, Pants).

    Lundqvist, Richards, Hagelin, Del Zotto, Boyle, Girardi, Pyatt, Brassard, Nash, Ginger Staal… Even new coach AV is quite dapper, and that’s not even counting alums Rod Gilbert and Ron Duguay, who are still giving the youngsters a run for their money.

    If there were a Stanley Cup of hockey fashion, the Rangers would be THE dynasty.

    • Beth Reply

      100% agree with you Brenda!

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