15 Will Get You 20

Social media dilemma of the day: You have 15 seconds.  How best to use it?

Correct answer: Gabe Landeskog workout video


Push-ups, floor pull-ups, TRX abs and patty cake while wearing an Avalanche shirt sized youth XL.  All from a place that is actually called:


Meet you guys at the airport.


There’s also this video, which is not mine and is not really safe for anything (including work).  Just makes you want to watch it more now, right?

Remember – when Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram, it was largely based to the intrinsic dollar value of a Gabe Landeskog selfie.  Prices are guaranteed to increase.  It’s practically insider trading.  Add video to that equation and…


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  1. Rhonda Reply

    Hey, Gabe’s 20 years old…it might be immoral, but it wouldn’t be illegal.

  2. jana Reply

    The little sexual innuendo (aka dance move) he did with his hips at the end of the video did me in. Sweet baby Jesus.

  3. It’s nearly 100 degrees in NYC today and I didn’t think it was possible for it to get any hotter. I was wrong. I am blushing at my desk. LORDY

  4. Heather Reply

    Couple more words for ya, Pants….Penguins. Development. Camp. 🙂

  5. Rhonda Reply

    Not only is Gabriel Landeskog hot as hell, he also seems like he would be a lot of fun….Just any kind of fun, really.

  6. Marissa Reply

    I’m 19, so Gabe is 100% age appropriate for me!