Foxy Friday: Brent Seabrook

By popular demand, this week’s Foxy Friday is Wednesday’s playoff hero:

Brent Seabrook


Brent Seabrook, bastion of blueline presence for the Chicago Blackhawks, had some unprecedented struggles at the start of the Hawks’ Western Conference semifinal vs. Detroit.  He was not the only one.  But when Seabs could hardly be there for himself, when he was getting a paltry12 minutes of ice time and Chicago’s future was rim, he was still looking out for his teammates.


In the end, Brent scored the Game 7 OT winner that made a lot of us do this:


When he’s not stopping heartbeats and playoff skids, Seabs is involved in more bromances than even we can handle.  Obviously Duncan Keith is his OTP and the feeling is mutual.  Brent’s younger brother is named Keith, so there is a Keith Seabrook in this world. If that wasn’t meant to be, I don’t understand life.


When Coach Q broke up their on-ice LTR, things got bad.  You won’t see that mistake again.


But don’t forget Toews, who sometimes looks at Seabrook so longingly you know he’s wondering how he ended up with Kane.

canada Stuck in the middle with you.

And Seabrook once (maybe) blew Kane a kiss on the ice after Patty assisted on a goal.  FLIRT.  Here’s the video evidence, you be the judge.

Chicago Blackhawks Headshots

So what is it about Brent Seabrook that gets everyone all swoony?  If being 6’3″, Canadian and making $7 million this year aren’t enough…


He’s won the Cup.


He adopts rescue dogs, names them Stanley and puts them in the Cup.  Also he wears the same socks as everyone husband/boyfriend/brother.


He has the best widow’s peak this side of The Munsters.


Seriously, his hair.

seabs – Pucks and Pixels Shop

(Brent’s wife Dayna is pregnant – please let the baby be born with his dad’s ‘do.)

He and his hair are part-time models:


He had a cardboard groomsman at his wedding.  (I don’t know the story, but I wish I’d thought of this!)

seabs6Speaking his brother, and of their hair… is that Thor?

He even organizes charity events to benefit inner city schools.  Good deeds and bowling and reading?  Date night!

You can spend tomorrow evening with Brent and the Blackhawks as they begin the WCF against LA.  Game time is 5 PM Eastern.  Of course, you’ll have to share date night with the rest of us… but I’m pretty good at bowling.

Stanley Cup Finals - Chicago Blackhawks v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Six

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  1. Casey Reply


  2. Two things:

    1) THAT GIF of Seabs breaking through the celebration hug??? I. CAN’T. EVEN. It is the greatest. He’s either screaming or gasping for air or both but it is the best.


    Excellent choice ladies. Highly approve.

  3. If work hadn’t been so crazy at the time, I planned on making a Seabs post myself when you were taking submissions – but I am actually so glad I didn’t. The Game 7 celebration gifs/photos are probably my favorite things ever and his Foxy Friday would have been incomplete without them.

    Also, this sentence is perfection and I laughed for a long time: “But don’t forget Toews, who sometimes looks at Seabrook so longingly you know he’s wondering how he ended up with Kane.”

  4. I like to imagine that Brent Seabrook is like Penn Badgely’s character in Easy A: a hot guy who doesn’t really know it who will rock a woodchuck costume, all the while giving ZERO f*cks. I ADORE him. ADORE.

    AND he’s a hometown boy (well a suburb of my hometown… which isn’t really my hometown, but it’s where I live now and it’s close to my hometown… homeprovince boy. That’s more accurate). I have so many one-degrees of separation. Most recently I sat next to this nice old man on the plane who said that he’s neighbours with Seabs in the summer, but that his place was for sale because he was going to just keep his place in Kelowna. And I’m sure it’s no coincidence that that’s where Duncan Keith lives in the summer. Summer road trip to the Okanagan anyone?

    I totally had a plot to this comment, but I have completely lost it. To sum up, I love Brent Seabrook and I am totally buying a #7 jersey next time I go to Chicago.

  5. There is so much joy in that gif it maybe brings a little tear to my eye.

    Also – there is so much justice in Seabs scoring the game/series winning goal, I cannot even begin to explain how happy it makes me.

  6. I want to get lost in that hair.