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I’m not into reality TV (besides sports), but may I suggest a new program?

Penguins Bachelor Auction – Talent Competition

Episode One: Sidney Crosby’s sex hair vs. James Neal’s ginger beard

sid1 Somewhere, Pierre weeps.

neal1 Neal’s Strategy: Curls for the girls.

I’m just saying – NBC Sports Network is showing cycling reruns when there is money to be made.

Last night’s Penguins game really saved an otherwise desolate day.  Anything that makes Evgeni Malkin this happy is bound to have the same effect on me.

Pittsburgh Penguins' Evgeni Malkin (R) celebrates a goal by teammate Chris Kunitz (L) and Sidney Crosby against the Ottawa Senators during the first period of Game 1 of their NHL Eastern Conference semi-final hockey game in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania May 14, 2013. REUTERS/Jason Cohn (UNITED STATES  - Tags: SPORT ICE HOCKEY)   - RTXZMR7

As we said in our Round 2 Playoff Prognostications on Puck Daddy:

Remember when smart girls were into slacker guys, like in Knocked Up? That’s Pants and the Penguins. If the Pens don’t get their act together and do the damned dishes in Round 2, they’re sleeping on the couch all summer.  


They did it!  At least for now!  Game 1 was a bit mad in the early going, but settled into a steady Penguins onslaught.  The Senators got chances and second chances – we owe you, Vokoun, now lock up those rebounds.  The Pens scored 2 of 4 power play chances and even once on the penalty kill (Duper!).  Strong from start to finish, that’s what girls love.

Sidney Crosby, Jean-Gabriel Pageau

Game 2 of this series isn’t until Friday, but there’s no rest for hockey fans.  The Kings won last night and the Blackhawks/Red Wings start tonight.  Let’s go Hawks… I’ll be saying from inside the theater where I’m watching Star Trek.

Trust you guys can hold it down for tonight?

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  1. Wow, I had so much time to admire that #gingerbeard…what with your SIX MINUTES of penalty time, Neal. Try not to do that next game, and maybe play some hockey, eh? (not even trying to disguise my Canadian, Pants)

    In the Pens hair competition, Letang always wins but clearly Crosby’s trying to beat out James for second – Nealer’s trying to lay it all out on the line with the beard. I’ll enjoy seeing this talent competition. And more importantly, the Pens play real hockey versus whatever that was versus the Islanders (aka chasing children around the ice).

    Tonight – the Hawks. Fingers crossed their sense of control and calm hockey continues from where we left off from Minnesota.

    • Is it wrong that I’m not even mad about the third penalty Neal took last night? The second one was such a sell job by Karlsson and the Pens were already in control of the game at that point. I’d like to think in a tighter game he doesn’t take that third penalty.. but I’m okay with sending Karlsson a “this is what happens when you embellish” message given the circumstances.

      • Not wrong at all. I’m not really mad, either – mostly because the replay was outstanding and Karlsson had better LEARN. And it was more time to admire the beard.

        • I just have this feeling that I’m not going to be overly mad about any penalties the Pens take against Karlsson or Neil this series. Which is bad. And I’m not actively encouraging it in all situations. But my disdain is just SO STRONG.

          • Pants

            I’m not mad about the third penalty either. It looks dumb coming right on top of Neal’s second penalty, but I had confidence the game was well in hand at that point. I wasn’t even mad that Karlsson went down like a wet noodle.

  2. MB Reply

    I think Neal was trying to add some “bad boy” elements into his competition with Sid, in case the beard isn’t enough. It’s all about winning… which, if I were the judge, he would. But I do applaud Sid’s effort. It’s first-class.