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One night of the 2013 NHL Playoffs is in the books.  Everybody still with us?

Blackhawks vs. Wild

The Hawks didn’t play their best, but they squeaked one out vs. the Wild.  As the regular clock wound down and overtime became imminent, we all did this:


Every damned time.  In last year’s first round, 5 of 6 Chicago games went to overtime.  I cannot handle that again.  Still this series could be better than we expected – apparently the Wild didn’t read anything that anyone wrote.  Good for them, if not for me ever getting to bed before midnight.

Danica Patrick was on hand in a Patrick Sharp jersey.  She proved herself a Blackhawks fan not by making the first of three goal shots during intermission, but by derping as well as we’ve ever seen a derp.

This face should come with a free #19 jersey.


In the most impressive story of the night, Wild #1 goaltender Nicklas (not Nicky) Backstrom was injured during warmups and replaced by Josh Harding.  Harding played just 5 games this season, after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis sometime last fall [link].  Asked about all the adversity, Josh said “No comment” over and over until reporters asked him about last night’s game instead [link].

Josh Harding, Patrick Kane

That’s bad ass, Josh.  We want the Hawks to win, but you make them earn it.

Blues vs. Kings

OT was also required in St. Loius, where the Blues won the game on a goal that makes me want to throw up.  Not out of displeasure, just nerves.

Off all the things to happen…

It was scored by Alex Steen, who had the Blues only other goal of the game.  In Jonathan Quick’s defense, did you see last year’s playoffs?  He’s not worried.  He kept the Kings in this game while they were outshot 42-29 and he will do the same again tomorrow.


Ducks vs. Red Wings

Finally, Anaheim vs. Detroit happened in the middle of the damned night.  Of course it was Teemu Selanne with the Ducks eventual game-winning goal just into the third period.


Back in ’07, 36-year old Selanne eliminated the Red Wings from the Western Conference Final with an OT goal.  At 42, he’s still:

The Red Wings had only 11 shots through two periods, then another 11 in the third but they couldn’t get the tie.  The Ducks notched an empty netter at 19:37 to put this one away.

How did you hold up?  Not well judging by some of your Tweets.  Any tossable items broken, binge drinking or declarations of eternal love/hate yet?  I’m pretty concerned for my well being tonight during the Penguins game.  Tomorrow’s Capitals vs. Rangers opener will be even worse.  Already…


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  1. Heather Reply

    Declarations of eternal hate will come tonight – beginning at approximately 7:30 PM Eastern. At that point, I *might* be screaming, “John! Go eat your ice cream!!!” Hahahaha More likely, it’ll be “F You, Nabby!!” Because it’s the Cup!!!

  2. Harding was absolutely incredible, that goal to end the Kings/Blues game was just terrible, and Teemu… Teemu! Can he just live forever, please?

  3. Jayma Reply

    I’m not sure how I’m going to survive through these following weeks. I live in Finland so I have to follow the NHL playoffs at night and next friday the WC-A tournament starts (and many of the teams are full of NHL players). Is it possible to get overdose of good hockey (and hot hockey players)?

    • It is possible to overdose. Remember, lots of fluids. Maybe a cold shower. Some soothing yoga mantras. You’ll be okay. 🙂

  4. I was screaming at the television trying to get my CBC feeds sorted and had to resort to streaming it on my hubby’s iMac, HUMUNGOUS BIG rum and coke in hand to solve everything. Everyone who said “Hawks in four!” – pfffffft. It ain’t gonna come that easy. Please see Audrey Hepburn above. We’ve got two more months of this, times a bajillion if you’re a Pens fan as well like I know many of us are. I totally am having a nervous breakdown. But there really isn’t anything like playoffs, is there? Best time of the year.

  5. Melissa Reply

    Haha the Pens game was handily won and I’m still having a nervous breakdown because of how many stupid penalties they gave up and what that will mean when they are playing teams who will be able to take advantage of that…

    Also, I’m going to the Caps/Rangers game tonight with a co-worker/friend, so this should be… interesting. Whether he is still willing to associate with me afterwards may be another story…

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