Foxy Friday: Carey Price

foxy friday

Week # 3 of the Foxy Friday Fan Challenge brings us to a place we never expected to be – except for that time I admitted this during the Cosmo’s 30 Hottest Hockey Players  debacle.  Damn the internet, it never forgets!

This week’s winner is Cheryl (@c_S_C_D) in Oregon.  We feel better knowing she struggled with it too.


Let me preface this by saying: I am a die-hard Bruins fan.  But this guy has had my heart since I met him in 2004 (another story for another day), so I will just confess without further ado.  Ladies (and gentlemen)…

Foxy Friday: Carey Price.

PRICE We love part-time models.


Once upon a time, Carey was a baby goalie playing for the Tri-City Americans in the WHL .  He was little more than a dream of stardom and frosted tips crying out for a boy band.


Also, he was a heck of a goalie:


In his final WHL season, Price went 30-13-1, with a save percentage of .917.  Winning is foxy.  He also appeared in the World Junior Classic. Again, impressive stats.


Even more impressive company:

price5 Shiny things.

price6 More shiny things.

The Montreal Canadiens drafted him 5th in the 2005 draft, behind former Foxy Friday Bobby Ryan (#2) and Foxy Everyday Sidney Crosby (#1, natch).


Carey’s had his ups and downs on the ice.  The Habs reached the Eastern Conference finals in ’09-’10 (lost 4-1 to the Flyers).  Last season they did not make the playoffs.  Currently they are atop the Northeast by two points over the Bruins.  Whether they go in 2nd or 4th, this year Montreal is going to the dance.


Even when he doesn’t play, Carey’s been known to make a stellar save.

Look how nonchalant.  And don’t pretend the French isn’t making you swoon.

Sometimes he even practices as a forward, in case you’re into role-playing.


Don’t lie, it works for you.


Bruins fans, are you faltering yet?  How about if Carey knows where to find Tyler Seguin in a dark place full of heavy things to push?


WUYS has made it clear that to be Foxy Friday material, he must love dogs:


Some of us like cowboys and rodeo (including Pants):


Add in some hockey to get Chuck and the rest of the holdouts.

PRICE Carey’s going as Raylan Givens for Halloween.

But mostly, I think Carey is foxy because he’s a dork!

PRICE No hands on the wheel.

PRICE Approximate measurement of foxiness, in Metric system of course.


In conclusion, Carey Price is foxy because he’s Carey Price.

He takes things like this:


And makes them look like this:


One last pic, with the King of Foxy Goaltenders, Henrik Lundqvist.


Wanna know more? Like 22:45 minutes more?  It’s cool, you’ll be dead by the 8 minute mark.  If you hold out for the bowling segment, you can meet Carey’s fiancée (sorry girls!).


Check out Carey’s official website (, on the Twitter (@CP0031) and coming soon to a playoff game near you.

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  1. UGH. I’m starting to HATE these post, Chuck. What is with all of these players that are supposed to be on my sh*t list?!

    Damn it – the Under Armour commercial with the hoodie and the rain…and the picture with the puppy….Carey Price…you’re BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Alex Reply

    Sorry if i’m being annoying, but in the 20009 Eastern Conference finals, the Penguins defeated the Hurricanes….just so you know. 😛
    But all in all, Carey Price is indeed foxy and very sexy!

    • Pants Reply

      Not annoying! I just can’t read. It was ’09-’10 I was referring too, and I fixed it. Though ’09 would be worth mentioning because the Habs lost to the Bruins in the first round and that makes Chuck all kinds of happy.


      • Reb Krav Reply

        Just so you know, Carey, er… um… didn’t do a whole hell of a lot during the 09-10 playoffs. It was Jaroslav Halak who took over as the habs #1 goaltender for a few months… BUT he looked REAL good sittin’ on the bench!

        • Pants Reply

          Oh I remember. Halak went right over Pittsburgh to do it! Carey didn’t do a lot in that whole season, ending up 7 games under .500 overall. I’d have expected to be on the bench too – good thing he looks nice over there.

  3. Wait. He’s from BC? I just assumed that he was French and that the cowboy thing was like some ironic Montreal Hipsterism.

    Overall, well done Cheryl. You also get my *two snaps up*. At the risk of sounding boastful, WUYS has the best. Fans. Ever.

    • Oh also I CANNOT with the frosted tips. I am so glad that is over, but also makes me deeply nostalgic for the early Aughts.

    • Cheryl Reply

      Thanks Jess! 🙂

  4. Gemma Reply

    I am a Leafs fan with a guilty love for Carey Price. I have been waiting for this day to come and it’s great. He’s half cowboy half Indian (Aboriginal) and all sexy. I think he grew up on a tiny reserve in BC so he’s not a Frenchie. Also related to Shane Doan and Keaton Ellerby. Just thought I’d throw it all out there.

  5. MC Reply

    Lovely! I knew today was going to be a good day. He’s especially foxy this season now that he and his team improved and will make a playoff run (last couple of crappy games not withstanding). I’ve had a crush on him forever. I deeply appreciate the fight with Tim Thomas since not that many goalies are willing to take a few punches and join their teams in melees. I am also willing to forgive the frosted tips and the ridiculously pretty fiancee (ever seen the engagement pics?) if he promises to never take the cowboy hat off during the off season. Awesome choice!

  6. Cheryl Reply

    Oh my gosh! 🙂 Glad I could share the foxiness with everyone!! (and side note- I’ve tried to watch that 22:45 video 4 times, and always can’t make it past 10 minutes…today will be the day!).

    Thank you to Pants and Chuck for the challenge, and to you all for reading.


    Cheryl 🙂

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