Foxy Friday: David Backes


Week #2 of the Foxy Friday Fan Challenges come to us from one of the 1st WUYS fans, Jessica (@jfrancesw).

We know it was hard for her to admit her love of David Backes, but we’re pretty glad she did it.


I tried. I tried to resist. I tried to resist as long as I could. But as they say in The Borg: Resistance is futile .

DB FF America
David Backes, Captain of the St. Louis Blues.

How could I resist, you ask? Well, before I started writing this post, all I really knew is that he played for St. Louis, had a strong chin, and liked to punch my boyfriend in the face.

St. Louis Blues v Pittsburgh Penguins

Which made me feel all:

However, I did a bunch of research and now I’m all:

David was not Der Hockeywunderkind (* German word for hockey prodigy, probably).  He was a big fish in a small pond.

In high school,  he was named All-Conference, All-Metro, All-State, yada yada yada. But it wasn’t until 2003, his second year of eligibility, that he was drafted in the 2nd round by St. Louis, 62nd overall. Hockey was a back up plan, and he spent 3 years in college studying electrical engineering… with a 4.0 GPA.

DB FF draft I couldn’t even find a picture without a watermark.

Also, tell me who he looks like. It’s driving me insane.
Or is it just that looks like 2003?
It wasn’t until December 2006 that he played his first NHL game, and even then he was a slow starter. He bounced back and forth to the minors a few times and in 2008, as an RFA, he signed an offer sheet with the Vancouver Canucks (*rageshudder*), but the Blues matched it, thank GOD, or this post would not be happening.Fast forward to 2011 though, and *announcer voice* ladies and gentlemen, please welcome you team captain! Number 42! David Backes!

St Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild

He hasn’t been super productive, points-wise, this season,

DB FF Stats *cue sad trombone*

but he still managed to score this goal last week that ruined my life for about half an hour:


And this really pretty one against the Oilers, with an insane pass from my other St. Louis boyfriend, TJ Oshie:

He was a 2010 Olympian:

Ice Hockey - Men's Gold Medal Game - Day 17 Sorry not sorry about that one, ‘Muricah.

 A 2011 All-Star, with some seriously foxy teammates:

58th NHL All-Star Game

And a 2012 Finalist for the Frank J. Selke trophy:

2012 NHL Awards - Red Carpet Plaid Suit + Paisley Tie + Lavender Pocket Square = Power Clashing

Now… get your fainting couches ready ladies, because off the ice David Backes cranks the swoon to 11.

First of all, his hair game is TIGHT. (Tioght like a tiger. ~C)

St. Louis Blues v Edmonton Oilers

Seriously, I think he must have a portrait of himself in the attic that is slowly going bald.

2008 St. Louis Blues Headshots Portrait of Dorian Backes

And he can rock a decent playoff beard.

Los Angeles Kings v St. Louis Blues - Game Two


David, with his wife Kelly and the Five Acres Animal shelter, formed the “Backes’ Buddies” charity to rescue dogs (even the ugly ones):

DB FF Ugly Dog David and Krull. Besties for life.

DB FF Cats And cats too!

He is wicked smart. According to Wikipedia, “he is currently pursuing an applied organizational studies degree with an nonprofit leadership emphasis from MNSU.”  

I have no idea what any of those words mean but colour me impressed.Oh did I mention that he is a licensed pilot and has flown with the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds.

Ride into the Danger Zone.

Blues Captain fly's with the Thunderbirds Take my breath away…

 Oh yeah, and there was that one time he flew 700 miles… just to rescue three dogs.


Did I mention he loves dogs?!

DB FF Dogs

If you, like me, were at first resistant to the charms of this on-ice tough guy, you should do as Joey Tribbiani says and just:


DB FF Perfect Basically.

Your post didn’t get chosen? Didn’t get a chance to submit?

Don’t worry! There are still two Fridays left, so keep those submissions coming.

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  1. OK, pilot thing is totally hot, but the dog thing is too much for me to bear. I wave my white flag (and my bra) at David Backes.

  2. Dammit Jessica. I was secure in hating him just because some random person on the internet called him a douche, but then you had to bring puppies into it and YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT PUPPY CUDDLES.

    • Join me, Carter. JOOOOIIIINNN MEEEEEE.

    • Random people on the Internet call Toews a douche too and just… NO.

  3. Hold up – he beat up Toews…AND CROSBY?

    JESUS. I thought I could do it Jess! I thought I was strong for the sake of BOTH my boyfriends. But then you had to show him. IN A PLANE. Then FLYING to rescue dogs.

    Fine David Backes. You win. I’m with Brenda. Take my white bra. I surrender.

    • drea Reply

      He fought Rick Nash (and Corey Perry, which is understandable) before the 2010 Olympics. Puppies mitigate everything.

  4. Robyn Reply

    I’m in tears! Great post!!! I’m officially on board. Hi 5 for getting a Girls Power-Clashing reference in the article!

    • It was a 30 Rock Power Clashing reference.

  5. Beth Reply

    Hockey players and puppies……the Borg are right, resistance is futile!

  6. Thanks for letting me take over your blog again ladies!! I am truly, truly honoured.

  7. Ashley Reply

    oh my god, he’s a pilot too?!

    (i first typed “piolet” and realized that i can’t spell, and david backes is defnitely way smarter than me)

  8. Thought while reading this:
    Can Jess make writing blog posts about hot hockey players a full time job?

    That Top Gun-esque gif is too much for me. Love it.

    • Your lips to God’s ears, Amanda. But seeing as this took me almost as long as a full time job, better leave it to the pros, a.k.a. Pants and Chuck.

      • Just like I wonder if I can create my own Tumblr major. Because, honestly, I’ve found my niche.

  9. LB Reply

    I surrender. Well done, Miss Jessica!