Let’s Talk About Six

The surefire way to break a streak is for me to post about it, so apologies in advance to the Sharks and/or Blackhawks.  Blame NHL.com, they did it first.

The San Jose Sharks are 6-0.  Surprised?  So is Patrick Marleau.


HA!  Actually, Patty always looks that way.


But we are impressed.  Nine goals in six games for the former Foxy Friday.  Last year he scored 30 times in 82 games – this year he’s on pace for 72 in 48.


Also putting up big numbers for San Jose are Jumbo Joe (Thornton) and Little Joe (Pavelski).  Last night, the Sharks struggled through two periods and it took a late goal by Rookie of My Life Logan Couture to tie Anaheim.  Marleau was held goal-less for the first time this year.  But in the shootout…


Six straight wins is the best in Sharks franchise history.  Recently the Penguins announcers were discussing whether 33-year old NHL players should be considered “aging veterans.”

What do you think, Marleau and Thornton (and Pants and Chuck)?  Anyone older care to chime in?


San Jose has given up only 10 goals against, second only to the Devils (9, try calling Brodeur old).  They play tomorrow night vs. Edmonton.

The Chicago Blackhawks are 6-0 too.

Stats, stats, stats, sweaty Viktor Stalberg blinking magnificently…


Sorry, lost my train of thought there. [Video]

The Hawks have won a number of tight contests, including two one-goal games and two OTs.  Six wins is also a franchise-best for this 85-year old team.


We talked about PKane’s hot start, but Chicago’s getting solid output from all their top players – Kane, Hossa, Sharp and Toews lead the team in points.

Wayne Gretzky said, “You build a pretty good hockey team around Kane and Toews and Hossa, and right now they’re hitting on all cylinders, they’re going to be a tough team to beat.” [Video]


They play tonight vs. Minnesota in a game the NHL Network would have you believe is a big time rivalry.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

Hey @linzerellak & @jfrancesw, what do you think of the Hawks start?  


Okay, I kinda get it.  But what is THIS about?!


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  1. See Pants?? That SMILE. It’s why PKane makes my list and Nealer does not. But moving on….I do not understand this PARALLEL universe in which the Hawks are 6-0, and every game prepare myself for the inevitability in which the lose. Negative, yes. Practical, yes. So I’m totally ready for tonight’s game against Minnesota.

    Fingers crossed they beat the 28th team in the League, the Flames, when I see them play this weekend – I have birthday tickets and plan on getting 30th birthday druuuuuuuuunk.

  2. Well – if I wasn’t already enough of a jinx! They can lose tonight. I can handle it. As long as they come ready to fight on Friday in Vancouver.

    And hey!! Since the November game was cancelled, this is **MY** 30th birthday game too!

    • PS – Best PKane gif ever… this is why he is #2. And sometimes #1, when I fall off the wagon. Linz feels me on this. But we are here to keep eachother in check 😉

    • Pants Reply

      I bet Kaner has birthday presents for both of you. 😉

  3. Sue Reply

    Not only is Patrick Sharp beautiful, but he knows his NKOTB trivia. Wednesday’s are usually when Sharp Attack is on (101.9 The Mix). Sharpie is hilarious. There’s a bit of a who’s better looking rivalry between Stahlberg and Sharpie. Lots of good Blackhawks info from the show and super funny comments i.e. “Only Stahlberg could play in Siberia and come back with a tan.” Love me some Patrick Sharp.

    Go Hawks!!!