Professor vs. Intern

So apparently Patrice Bergeron and Intern Jeff Skinner got into a “scrum” at the end of the Bruins/Hurricanes game last night.

This was our reaction.

I know.  I can’t stop laughing either.  So much hilarity.

My feed didn’t actually show the fight because it happened behind the play and Tyler Seguin happened to be on his way to score an empty-netter to seal the win for the Black and Gold.

Luckily for us all, I scoured the internet and DID manage to find some footage of this “fight”


Of course, we want the Professor and our intern to get along. It makes for a much more harmonious office atmosphere.  But if they HAVE to fight, we much prefer this sort of fighting.  Less chances of black eyes.

In other game notes…

Nathan Horton straight up embarrassed J. Staal.  Like right out of his shorts. [Watch this pretty goal.]

Honestly, Jordan.  Where you even paying attention?  Or where you thinking “Man, I could really go for a sandwich right now?”  Or did you momentarily turn into a cat and get distracted by a laser pointer on the ice?

I’m glad that Horton scored because I want him to score all the goals, but really, Jordan. You know better than that.

Dougie Hamilton is making everyone fall in love with him.  The kid continues to reward the Bruins organization’s faith in him by playing like a big boy.  Last night, he set up David Krecji with this salty, no-look dish.

The 19-year-old rookie now was 4 points in his first 5 games of his professional career.

I will now refer to him as the Great Hambino.

Anton Khudobin is a-okay.  While last night’s game wasn’t by any means a goaltending showcase, Bruins back up Anton Khudobin played very well, allowing Bruins fans to breath a small sigh of relief.  Tuukka will of course be the Bruins #1 this season, but should he need a break, I think were going to be alright with the man from Kazakhstan between the pipes.



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  1. Thanks. I will now be quoting Sandlot to myself all day and no one will understand my references because my coworkers are all too young/grew up in Asia.

    “Sorry we were late. Squints was perving a dish.”
    “Was not!”
    “Ya ya you were! Your tongue was hanging out and you were SWERRRRVING.”

    The is a seriously big pickle.

  2. Janelle Reply

    I think Days of Y’Orr has the video. NESN caught it right before they followed Seguin in for his empty-netter. I think they must have thought they just collided, but Bergy never gets mad like that.