Foxy Friday: Marcus Foligno

Things I never said before the lockout:

“I was watching the Sabres game last night….”

But it was on the other day and I was enjoying some Upstate NY (represent!) vs. Toronto rivalry.  Didn’t take me long to tell the otherwise empty room we’d found our next Foxy Friday: Marcus Foligno.


I’d like to officially announce a recount of my vote for Hottest NHL Player: Sabres.  Kaleta’s out, Foligno’s in.

If Cosmo can make so many mistakes, surely I can have one.


Marcus is a 21-year old forward playing in (hopefully) his first full season with the Sabres.  He tallied 14 NHL games last season and spent the rest of his time playing for the AHL’s Rochester Americans.  His dad Mike played for the Sabres and Marcus was even born in Buffalo!  All this Upstate NY love.  His brother Nick currently plays for Columbus.


While the NHL was having a lockout, the Amerks were getting all their players to do the Gangnam Style dance.  Sorry Troy Brouwer, you were game but Foligno’s freestyle wave takes the cake:

What’s that? You want to see it again?

wave Top quality.

Marcus is also a fighter… at least against Toronto.  Last year in his first NHL fight, he beat up Matt Frattin (97.4% win on and this week he took Mark Fraser for an 80.6% win.

Buffalo Sabres v Toronto Maple Leafs

Foligno had 10 goals in the first half of the Americans season, looking to outpace his 16 goal total from last season.  We don’t think he’ll complain about not getting to finish the year in Rochester.


He had 6 goals in 14 games with Buffalo last year.  So far none this season, but his 4 shots in the Sabres loss yesterday to Carolina predict that drought won’t last long.  Chances generated by the Foligno-Ennis-Stafford line have been “encouraging” news for Sabres fans [link], despite a lack of secondary scoring in this young season.


According to Twitter, The Source of All Verifiable News, Marcus liked Silver Linings Playbook and watches USA Network’s Suits.  Am I the only person NOT watching Suits? I see more Tweets about that show than about Manti T’eo.

Follow him at @marcusfoligno.


The Sabres are in DC for a game this Sunday.  I wasn’t going to go – the Caps are too painful – but I might have just changed my own mind.


Note: This post is dedicated to our resident Sabres fan, @Tephywashere.

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  1. He almost has a Lundqvistian air about him at times and that dancing is superb. Def a hit at weddings I’m sure. He’s far better than his brother who I not-so-affectionately refer to as Twat Waffoligno. Good call, Pants.

  2. Who the HELL is this kid?? And what the HELL is that second last photo? Seizure-inducing, is what it is, that’s for sure. UNFFFFF.

  3. Lorelei6903 Reply

    NICE! Excellent Foxy Friday pick:P

  4. Ashley Rake Reply

    ooo hello mr. foligno! had never heard of him, thank you for bringing him to my attention!

    (and if you happen to be in the market for an hour-long drama to watch, suits is pretty great.)

  5. Stephanie Reply

    Woo Hoo! First chance I have had to read this all day! Thanks for the Sabres love! Isn’t he just dreamy? I must admit that his Father was actually one of my first Hockey crushes. God, I’m old!

  6. Ness Reply

    SO happy My World Juniors baby finally gets some love 🙂 Just about killed me when he was drafted by Buffalo- Wrong team in blue!!!!! Now I just get to suffer existential dilemmas whenever he plays the Leafs….

  7. Mohammad Lundgreen Reply

    Psy likened the Gangnam District to Beverly Hills, California, and said in an interview that he intended in a twisted sense of humour by claiming himself to be “Gangnam Style” when everything about the song, dance, looks, and the music video is far from being such a high class….

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