Intern Desk: Couples Retreat?

The lockout is making people CRAZY.  First Toews is using a baseball bat for hockey and Giroux, a golf club.  Crosby’s wandering free in civilian clothes, striking fear into the heart of pockets everywhere (and fangirl sobs into ours).  Patrick Kane took his mom to Switzerland, for heaven’s sake.

Now I’ve figured out where Intern Jeff Skinner’s been all this time…

Back in June at the MuchMusic Video Awards… stop.  Hockey players at pop awards shows and people actually know who they are?  BLESS YOU, CANADA.  NHL players can barely get on the ESPN Espy’s red carpet here, and only because someone assumes they are Jessica Alba’s bodyguards.  Anyway, I digress.  At that magical show, this happened.

That’s Intern Jeff Skinner’s mark, as far away from a girl as possible.  We did convince him to rock the white v-neck because all the cool kids were doing it.

Just when we thought it was business as usual, a photo of Jeff and Degrassi actress Cristine Prosperi!  He’s still doing the hoverhand but at least he’s next to her.  God, the awkward prom glory of it all.

Then right afterward… dammit, Tyler.  We obviously assumed the obvious obviousness of this, which ended in Jeff getting a ride home with Subban and Seguin, well, being Seguin.  WUYS hopes and dreams shattered.

Until now.  This photo, posted actress Jessica Tyler (on the right) from the Degrassi wrap party last night, was captioned “Couples Retreat.”

You like how I wrote that as if I know what it means?  Some things are so Canadian they are beyond even me, like Degrassi.  Rumor has it the show aired in the States, but if it fell out of the sky and landed on me, I wouldn’t recognize it.

It landed on Intern Jeff Skinner instead, he seems pret-ty happy about it.

With nothing else to go on, we give this Cristine Prosperi girl our approval based solely on her excellent taste in polite and handsome young men.

It’ll be great when we have her over for an awkward meet-the-bosses party, and she and I leave dinner to do the “Beauty and a Beat” round on Just Dance 4.

This post is brought to you by all those years I spent reading Teen Beat.


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  1. Rhonda Reply

    Nice to see that even though Jeffy’s not playing hockey he’s been working on his game…you go, boy.

  2. This is too much for me before noon.
    I need a moment…

  3. I watched the MMVAS because I knew they were there but they got ZERO screen time. They couldn’t have presented “Best Canadian Group” or something? I was so disappointed. We had made an event out of it and everything! There was a casserole. And all I got was traumatised by LMFAO and had to learn that there is a thing called a “Cody Simpson”.

    I am a little bit jealous of this. But only in the “someone is dating a hockey player and it’s not me” sense (or in the “someone is dating and it’s not me” sense, really). But it is pretty adorable and I will allow it because they totally have the Gomez-Bieber forever-child thing going. And she has career in her own right and isn’t, oh, I dunno, a LINGERIE FOOTBALL PLAYER. (Yeah – waiting for that story to go away. A certain adorable French Canadienne tiger mother is not doing her job.)/rant

    • PS – I have never seen an episode of Degrassi, of any incarnation. My citizenship should be revoked, truly. But I hide my ignorance by throwing around Degrassi pop culture references: “Zit Remedy!”, “Drake is Wheelchair Jimmy!”, etc.

    • PPS – they are Gomez-Bieber, if Bieber could bench press 5 Selena Gomezes, or like 1.5 Me’s.

    • Pants Reply

      Cody Simpson opened for Bieber at the concert I went to Monday. The sound of teen screaming only just drowned out the sound of a demographic closing firmly behind me.

      Also, I to look up the Toews thing. Lingerie football is a real thing! As in ! not ? because I had NO idea.

      • It is a thing. And a thing that happens at the same venue I’m seeing OKC Barons at tonight. Ugh.

        • I would literally give my right arm to see Ebs and the rest of the kids right now.

          I’m settling for Ryan Johansen and Chris Kreider tonight. Wanna trade?

        • OKC Barons are in town?! You know Pants wants a front-row seat. 😉

          • Pants

            WELP, I do I do I do. Every part of me is envious, but mostly my eyebrows. I don’t think I can be in the same cavernous arena as Eberle and Nuge without feeling inadequately groomed.

          • Jess

            Even though I failed miserably at getting pictures at the Canucks charity thing (Alex Edler is SO handsome and Bieksa will turn a girl, I tell you.), I will try my best tonight (and my seats are right behind the OKC bench so…

          • Jess

            I might have to hit up my coworker for pictures. He’s going to tomorrow night’s game. Alone. And he’s fangirling harder than I am. “Which jersey should I wear??” “I’m going to try and get an autograph!”. This is why we are friends. United in our Canucks hate and our love of cute boys, er, I mean the Oilers and also Blackhawks.

    • jana Reply

      Jess, Sadly, I watched the MMVAs too to see if they’d give any air time to the hockey boys who were attending–namely Seguin, of course. But nada. Not a single minute. To that, I said, Canada, I am disappointed.

      I’m going to give you a follow on Twitter. I went to an AHL game this past Friday night between the Icehogs v Griffins. As a Blackhawks fan, it was fun to see some of the guys play. Sadly, no Shaw since he’s serving a 6-game suspension. But I do love Bollig. He’s pretty hot in person! So is Pirri. I’ll post a couple pics from Friday’s game.

  4. I am so happy to live in a world where Jeff Skinner steals Seguin’s girl.

    And we all know Segs is a 90210 kind of guy, anyway.

  5. Intern Jeff Skinner Reply

    Why is this whole thread about the Oilers? WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO AROUND HERE?! I feel like Matt Duchene while everyone’s looking at Landeskog. *frown*

    • Well played, Dimples.

      Alright, since you asked, you’re welcome for that time when I helped you overcome your fear of girls. I wasn’t the first girl your hoverhanded, but I may have been the last.

  6. jana Reply

    I love everything about this post. Skinner’s awkwardness is so damn endearing it makes my way-too-old-for-him-heart melt. Off to rewatch he Cabbie Richard’s video of Skinner grading himself “off the ice” …

  7. MouthGuard Reply

    Can you say “Lockout ‘Beard'”??? C’mon. Sure you can!!!

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