Champs for Charity

While the East Coast was stockpiling batteries and Twizzlers on Friday in anticipation of Frankenstormpocalypse, the Chicago Blackhawks and friends were playing in the Champs for Charity hockey game.

Photos from the Chicago Tribune

 They look as happy as I feel, and I wasn’t even there!  All it takes is a little hockey.  Even Jon is giddy – you know that means desperate times.  Troy Brouwer doesn’t know if he should trust this new Jon, who looks ready to faint in a princess swoon when the Disney logo comes on screen.

You can read here all about the good times, including goalie penalty shots, mock fights, even a plaid suit.  There were choreographed goal celebrations!  Chuck and I love nothing more than a good dance routine (cue She’s All That)!

Cubs/Coach Ryan Dempster with the Ice Crew- photo Elliot Harris

Among the players in attendance were these guys, along with Bobby Ryan, Shawn Thornton, JStaal and many more smiles.

Loads of photos to make you wish for an alternate, non-lockout universe:

Hockey Broad

Art by Melissa G

Bonus – Ronald McDonald House press conference:

Blackhawks, past and present, being flawless.

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  1. Rachel Reply

    Until I heard about this event I didn’t realize how much I missed the Sharp/Bur bromance. I just can’t. It’s like all the chicks have come back to the roost but only for the weekend.

  2. Not only did I NOT drop everything to be at this game, I also haven’t even had time to look at all the amazing photos and videos 🙁

    My life is TRAGIC.

  3. I’m spending Halloween watching re-reuns of BHTV on the Hawks site from 2010 just so I can revisit this quint-fecta of perfection that is Bur, Soupy, PKane, Sharpy and Tazer. Bless these boys.