If We Had a Billion Dollars…

Do you think Gabe Landeskog bought stock in Facebook, right before they acquired Instagram?  That would explain all the photos this summer – just driving up his portfolio value.  Imagine if you could make money off this!

Look at his thighs.

No really, look at them.

(Thanks to @RealScarlett01 and @Shannysland for reminding us that  squats are now a universal, inalienable right to which we are entitled and grateful.)


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  1. If we had a million dollars, we’d also buy a llama…or an emu.

    • And Dijon ketchup.

      I could go on. That song is legit part of a Canadian elementary school education.

      • Pants Reply

        Mr. Pants & I had our first dance at our wedding to that song. That is how committed I am to being pseudo-Canadian.

  2. Look at those balls!

    Easy now, I meant the excercise balls. Apparently even gyms in Sweden are furnished by Ikea. And check out Euro-buddy with the handy cam. He knows what’s up.

    I think Gabe was in my dream last night, being handsome and articulate and charming. I don’t remember the context, but I think I ran away from him. Ah, just like in real life.

    Finally, all these squats should come with a warning. Not just a warning that watching fit hockey players do squats will render you a nonverbal mess, but that squats themselves are not to be undertaken lightly. Thanks to the Nike Training App, I am now on day 2 of having to just let myself fall backwards if I want to sit on the couch/toilet/anywhere. And stairs? Forget about it.

    You’ve been warned girls/boys who are secretly googling pictures of Swedish teenage thighs.

  3. Anna Reply

    He has an instagram? How are you guys so good at digging up photos? I thought I was decent at online stalking…but clearly I still have a ways to go

  4. Catherine Henry Reply

    Well, the only silver lining to the lockout (assuming there is one) is that there’s a chance (according to the Denver Post blog) that Gabe might actually play for the Lake Erie Monsters. That would make my season tickets an even bigger value!

    • Pants Reply

      I hope you have room for visitors, Catherine!

      • CathyAnn Reply

        Cleveland is lovely in the fall. You’d be welcome (and we do have some other nice eye candy even if this Gabe thing doesn’t materialize).