Landeskog for President

Oh wait…

He was born in Sweden.

Since that won’t work, I guess we’ll just have to settle for “Captain.”

 This is my Captain face.

Today, the Avalanche made history by making the 19-year-old the youngest captain in NHL history.

Take that, Sidney Crosby.

Landeskog is 19 year, 286 days old – 11 days younger that Captain Awkward Pockets who was 19 years, 297 days old when he was given the “C” waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in May 2007.

This move to make Landeskog the captain comes after Milan Hejduk announced that he was giving up his role as the Avalanche’s captain.  He will continue to serve as an alternate captain, along with Paul “Bang Bang Bang” Stastny.

Landeskog will be just the 4th captain in Avalanche history, the 11th captain in Avs/Nordiques history, and only the third European born player to serve as captain.

Who’s got thumbs and is the youngest captain in the NHL?

It’s no secret that Foppa 2.0 is a huge favorite here at WUYS.

He’s just so darn awesome that we can’t contain ourselves.



He’s been named a Foxy Friday.

We adore his twitter wikkid hahd corah.

And we lauded his feats of super-human hockey strength.

He possesses all the qualties that a future NHL superstar should have – talent, bucket loads of charisma, excellent camera presence, and a face that could launch a thousand ships.

We are card-carrying members of the Gabriel Landeskog fan club and today’s announcement makes us really happy.

Now if we can only sort out that whole NHL vs. NHLPA business…

Peep this, ladies.





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  1. Ashley Reply

    for the love of all things blonde and swedish! congrats to him! if you had to pick a face for your franchise, i don’t think it gets any better than his.

    • His face = perfect.
      His hockey playing = also pretty dang good.

      Nevermind face of the franchise. Future face of the NHL.

      • kitkat Reply

        (anyone beats Ovi and Crosby in the looks dept)

  2. Congrats to him! What an accomplishment. Many great things to come for him. And that gif with the glasses, LOVE! It’s like a goofy face turning into a seductive face in my opinion. 🙂

    • That glasses gif gets me every time. I dig the Clark Kent thing he’s got going on.

  3. Liz Reply

    Gabe the Babe is ready to take over the NHL and I’m certainly not going to stop him.

    • If anyone gets in his way, I will cut them.
      Hood rat style.

  4. MouthGuard Reply

    He doesn’t make me swoon at all, but he makes me laugh and I love watching him play. I am so happy for him and for once, somebody actually DESERVES the honor and lives up to the hype. He’ll do Denver proud and then some. What’s scary is thinking about how much BETTER he’s gonna get.

  5. Erin Reply

    That man is a delight and a treasure. That ‘C’ is going to look mighty fine on his already fine self!

    • ^^ What she said.

      Is genetic testing part of the Captaining process? Because I have a hard time believing he is a human, let alone a human CHILD. I would find it much more likely that he was birthed by some exquisite sea-nymph following some freaky Zeusian union.