Your Moment of Zen

A funny thing happened at the Seahawks game last night. Yes, I said Seahawks, as in football.

Why would I be at  football game? Free tickets. Other than that? THIS!

But first, I did not know it was mascot night until there he was, in all his fin-tabulous glory, floundering away on the jumbotron.

Of course, I hotfooted it down to where he was, as any good hockey fan at a football game would.

And just as Mr. Cherrie was about to take the photo, a football shot through the frame …

Fin was there for half-time hijinks! If I wanted to spend the night in jail, I would have run down on the field, tackled him and dry-humped him silly! I can only say the lack of hockey made me go completely insane for anything hockey related. 

Luckily, there was security and I was only allowed to get to this close to him.

Who would have thought I would have had a hockey experience at a Seahawks game! Ya just never know!

And THAT is your moment of zen …




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  1. MelTing Reply

    Wow, Fin has french-kissed Pam Anderson before, and now this. What a whale!