Foxy Friday: Workout Videos

Suddenly there is a deluge of proof that hockey players believe this season will happen.  Every time a bell rings, Intern Jeff Skinner does a squat.  Oh wait, everyone does squats.  It’s a Foxy Friday party in the gym.

Video: Intern Jeff Skinner has great legs (bonus: James Neal)

This is my serious face.

There’s a moment where Gary Roberts says, “We don’t lay down much in our workouts.”, but he looks like no fun at all so I’ll just bite my tongue.

My first thought is that Jeff has a surprisingly deep voice to go with those gams.

Second thought: If James Neal sat behind me, I’d work a lot harder too.

There’s a glimpse of Nealmobile’s mystery tattoo in this video (inside right bicep).   I know it says PANTS, but I want to see it!  The first person who gets a picture will receive a case of Mexicolas delivered by Intern Jeff.

After watching that, don’t you want to hit it?  (I mean the gym, pervs.)  Run around the block or something?  I do.  Then I watched this:

Video: James Neal and Jeff Skinner demonstrate my inadequacy

A race consisting of one pull up, one push up, then again, with no stops for throwing up on your sneakers.

I’ve been training hard all summer for a Tough Mudder race (Sept 8!) and I still cannot do one single pull up.  I can run 12 miles but cannot lift my body weight.  Intern Jeff Skinner does them one-handed while taking phone messages in the office.  UGH!

This would be very disheartening if you didn’t notice that Nealer is cheating.

Those are some girly push-ups, James.  Twice he gets called out on it.  Gary Roberts is so mesmerized by Jeff’s quads he doesn’t see James staying six inches off the floor.  We’re on to you, Neal (and thanks).

Not to be outdone during Stamkos Takeover Week here at WUYS…

Video: Steven Stamkos can jump freakishly high

Not for nothing, but that is CRAZY.  He’s 6′ 1″, so he’s jumping well over 3 feet.  I just measured my desk – 29″ – and started cracking up.  No freaking way.

 .gifs from

That last one… why do I even bother trying to say coherent things?

Next up – Video: John Tavares, hot middle school science teacher

It’s the hair.  Something about it says Izod polo shirts and boat shoes.

He’s about to start discussing sedimentary rock strata while I doodle on my Trapper Keeper and debate which would be more fun: detention or extra credit.

Also, JT91 looks like he sort of hates this.  He’s obviously very motivated… to finish this working and go do something else.  We applaud his efforts.

And finally, someone who tells it like it is.

Video: PK Subban knows it’s tight t-shirt season

Listed at 206 pounds, that means PK is lifting 306 lbs here.  He looks like he could lift my car.  He goes on to say he works out 8-9 times a week.  Somewhere, John Tavares just passed out.

Last year when we started talking about workout videos, the universe delivered.  This seasons it seems to have anticipated our request.

Quick someone ask for something else…

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  1. Alison Reply

    I just realized they spelled “Neal” incorrectly. Obviously I was focused on other, more important things on the screen..

    • Just look at that face. He’d be forgiving.

      Intern Jeff Skinner, get back to your desk because you’re making me think nonsense.

      And by get back to your desk I mean do more of those twisty things when I can see your biceps.

      If they’re interested in making those pull ups harder I’d be happy to grab on.

      I need to stop typing.

      • Alison Reply

        Does need someone to proofread their video graphics? Can I make a job out of watching hockey player summer workout videos? I feel like I could be really qualified for that..

  2. Biosteel Camps is great and all, but where the hell are my annual “Brooks Laich Kills Us All By Doing 1-Legged Squats” videos?!?!

  3. jennifer Reply

    maybe it’s the music at Tavares’s gym…I am a fan of the song “Human” but I would not want to work out to that remix of it…or any remix of it for that matter I don’t think.

    • MB Reply

      While I haven’t seen the tattoo myself (I tried, I was stuck in the line at the game in Altoona but didn’t make it to the front — I saw him, though, and it was good), I heard some girls talking about it. According to them, it says “Neal,” presumably spelled correctly. However, I’d like to see it, too, Mexicolas or not!

      Great postings, too — I love y

      • MB Reply

        Sorry, apparently my computer flipped out with all of this foxiness. Love this blog!!

        • Pants Reply

          What a coincidence, that’s what my tattoo says too! We love you guys!

  4. At some point when I wasn’t paying attention, John Tavares got REALLY SUPER CRAZY HOT. I mean like REALLY SUPER CRAZY HOT.

  5. Murr Reply

    This is my favorite Foxy Friday of all time. For real. Even though you pointed out that Nealer cheated.

  6. Ashley Reply is obviously trying to kill me.

  7. oaktree Reply

    Ok, I’m going to the gym.

    • For those days when I don’t want to to go the gym, I watch these videos for inspiration…

  8. Rhonda Reply

    I enjoy watching your intern jump up and down. He seems to have a very bouncy….personality.