Mikey Monday: Near Miss

On Friday, I was meeting our friend Matt at Shake Shack in DC for lunch.  He called me five minutes before I was due to arrive: “Mike Green is here.  Mike Green is here.”  Needless to say I ran out of a meeting and hustled up there… only to miss him by about 30 seconds.

Me: “Are you sure it was Mike Green?”

Matt: “Yes.  I do read your blog.”

Boo.  That’s the second time someone’s seen Mike out & about and I’ve missed it by moments!  Third time’s a charm?

Last week he declined arbitration [link], so hopefully Mike was back in DC negotiating his contract with the Caps.  On the 4th of July, he hosted his 2nd annual charity golf tournament for Kidsport Alberta.  Money was raised, golf was played, interviews were done [audio]:

 Also, as with any good off-season event, shorts were worn.

Or as The Inappropriate Hockey Fan (and some of us) would say:

Yeah, you don’t mind seeing that picture twice.  Photos from:  www.facebook.com/kidsportcalgary

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