Define ‘inappropriate’…

I’ve been asked a few times now if we are the minds behind The Inappropriate Hockey Fan.

Oh, how I wish we were.

The true evil genius is Pam (@sunnyinnj).  Twice I’ve posted hilariously captioned photos without knowing the maker – and both times they turned out to be hers.  So follow away on Tumblr.  If you don’t have one, how on Earth do you spend your free time?  Are you reading books or something?

She also blogs at  And even though they’re Flyers fans, Pam & Deb saved us seats right up front at the Caps Convention panel with Mike Green.  The way to our hearts (and posts) is always through perfect hair.

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  1. Heather Reply

    Honestly, Pants, even that moniker is wrong, considering what I read on Crossing Broad yesterday!!! Pam is creative and hilarious while that other one is downright disgusting! Makes me ashamed to call myself “penspuckbunny” in even a JOKING manner. Ugh.

  2. Pam didn’t tell me when she came up with IHF. I randomly told her one day about this really funny meme I’d seen and she finally fessed up to being the mastermind. I love her snark/wit even when I don’t know it’s her.

  3. Cassy Reply

    I have added her everywhere. Awesome pictures. I like like her sarcasm.