Big Weekend

You know those movies where every single thing happens in one day and you’re thinking, “Right, who ever has a day like that?”

Then in the middle of this:

This happens:

The trade was tempered by news on Wednesday that Jordan turned down a 10-year, $60 million deal with the Penguins.  He had one year left on his contract, and without a long-term lockup it appeared he was packing his bags.

Still when Shero announced the trade at the draft, I had one of these moments:

The move makes sense – Jordan wants an expanded role and had a career season (25G, 25A) to set himself up.  But with Crosby (hopefully) back full time and the Malkin-Neal chemistry boiling over, Jordan’s ice time can only go down.  So Carolina becomes Team Staal.

Intern Jeff Skinner knows we’ll finally visit now, and he thinks we’re jerks.

(From from

Losing Jordan seems like a crazy detriment to the Pens grit and heart, but Ray Shero has proven many times that he’s right and we should shut up and watch. In exchange for Jordan, the Pens got Brandon Sutter, a very well-suited third line center, defensive prospect Brian Dumoulin and the #8 overall pick (used on dman Derrick Pouliot).

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Guys get embarrassed when I cry in front of the whole class, so the Penguins sent photos from Jordan’s wedding to soften the impact of the trade.

To make me laugh, Sid continued with the ludicrous charade of trying to fit his paws into tiny pockets.   

Neal wanted me to feel better, so he existed (mullet and all).

 These two together.  James hates buttons and Crosby is scared of girls – I think this cheer-up campaign is working.

The moral of the story is: get invited to the next Penguins wedding.  Fleury, maybe?  Or Letang, now that he’s going to be a dad?  Maybe if we’re really lucky, the Penguins will sign someone new just in time for his wedding this summer…

It won’t even matter what we wear, because no way we’re the best looking people at the party.

There are lots of photos on Tumblr – looks like everyone had fun.  Congratulations to Jordan all around.  I won’t even be bitter, since the Canes come to DC more often then the Pens, and Raleigh is 30 miles closer to my house than Pittsburgh.  And, of course, there will always be this:


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  1. So bitter sweet. Congrats to Staalsy!
    At least there were the many picture of Sid and his awkward pockets, and then the draft with all the new meat to cheer me up!

  2. Carrie Reply

    I was sad Staal was traded but I know he’s probably going to be happier with it. I love the pictures from the wedding. You said there were more on tumlr. Do you have a link?
    P.S. I love your blog! I read every post! 😀

    • Pants Reply

      On Tumblr, just page through the tags for each player. They’re not concentrated anywhere because they seem to be from lots of sources. Enjoy!

      • Carrie Reply

        Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. Liz Reply

    Next Pens wedding this summer? Orpik! Let’s fenangle onto the guest list ladies!

    • Carrie Reply

      I so wish this was possible! 😛

  4. I am only barely recovered from this Staaaaaalpocalypse news. Perhaps because I only heard about it at 1 a.m. EST on Saturday morning (seriously, walk away from Twitter and the whole WORLD falls apart).

    I know it’ll be better – for everyone, and the opportunity to play with his big brother? Awesomesauce. But still…I can’t help but cry a little at the Pens dismantling from the team I’ve known and loved. Sad panda is still sad.

  5. Pointtakenhowever Reply

    I lost my last comment somehow but still sad so here goes again. I’m happy for Jordan, I think this is what he wants. And your post and the pretty pictures cheered me. The whole drama at wedding reception with the agent calling and the team there and Jordan doing press from his honeymoon. These Penguins are ANGST.

  6. Maura Reply

    Such a bittersweet day as not just a fan of the Pens and Jordan, but also a lover of the whole Staalsy family. Marc is now the black sheep of the family…but he was already Ginger Staal, so he was already halfway there. Great pictures, also. Would die to attend a Pens wedding. Every time I see a picture of Sid attempting to fit those big hands into much too small pockets, I think of Ricky Bobby…”What should I do with my hands?”

  7. Alexandra (Alex) Reply

    When you said, “Crosby is scared of girls,” I laughed so hard, because that’s so true! (hopefully not when I, eventually and hopefully, meet him someday).
    I was devastated at first when Jordan was traded. But then I thought of Marc Staal.
    He’s the only Staal that’s NOT in Carolina.
    How lonely must he be in NYC?! xD
    That made me laugh and think how Carolina could get Marc as well, if they wanted to. Honestly, I’d love to see that!! 😀
    But I’m so happy for Jordan and his new wifey!
    I think that makes him even more adorable <3 :3

  8. Cassy Reply

    There I am, reading the story and I get to the bit about other Penguin weddings and I’m like, yeah yeah, then I spot the immortal words regarding


    I was like, what? Then huh then how did I not know about this before then finally started picturing Daddy Lepretty kidding the head of the diapered baby asleep on his (shirtless) chest. Now I feel better.

    Even if my ovaries just exploded.