Be Right Back

Hey, where is everybody?

We have run tripped fallen chased followed been invited by Sid to the beach.

We’re making some small off-season tweaks around here.  Well, we are not actually doing anything – someone fantastically sci-fi is manning the ship (Hi Vince!).  Chuck and I are busy wondering if Sid had to wear these shorts out of the store because he tried them on and couldn’t get them off.

(Thanks to the irreplaceable @amandalitty, official Finder of Great Stuff and master of the interwebs.)


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  1. Stawp it, you guys. You’re makin’ me blush!

    And he definitely did.

    • TUMBLR TROLL QUEEN. I bow to your excellence.

      • Thank you, thank you. I’d like to thank Sidney Crosby’s ass. Without it, I’d have nothing to troll.

  2. MouthGuard Reply

    Is he trolling the US Open at the Olympic Club? This looks suspiciously like Baker Beach. I hope he didn’t encounter any naked men cavorting about…

    If you guys decide to detour up here for some “golf”, I promise I won’t out you to the SFPD. 😉 Gary Danko’s all filled up, though. No room for resos until August at the earliest…

    • It’s actually from the 2012 Dad’s trip in Tampa.

      Sid seems unphased by the hurricane-like weather.

      • MouthGuard Reply

        Thank goodness – so relieved this was not Baker Beach… I actually prefer this still, with Staal Dad in the foreground. From farther away, the “trunks” almost look see-thru/painted on. Almost like the Assy McGee piggy bank.