Kings Of The Road

If any of you have watched NBC’s Post Game wrap-up, then you know Other-Brother-Darryl needs to take that sh*t on the road! Because having handled talent and sat through countless hours of interviews and seen press chewed up and spat out by the best, Other-Brother-Darryl ranks right up there only he is god damn funny about it.

Saturday night Drew Doughty went from an over-priced, cry-baby, cheese-burger eating hold out to a Rocket Man shooting lazers out his ass and smacking Devils like he was at a carnival and Brown was taunting him with a donut for each one he could take out!

Clearly Drew is VERY motivated! That’s my boyfriend!

Even though each game has gone into OT, the LA KINGS have shown they can re-group when it matters and pull it out. For the GW – it was Pancakes for the block on Brodeur and Carter came in on the blocker side. You totally know Richards and Carter made sweet love on the 6 hour flight back to Los Angeles and ravaged the mini bar to boot!

The Kings now have the NHL record of 10 road wins in the post-season. But they don’t do well at home. So tonight Magic Cat is wishing you the best of luck boys!

A little something extra between the paws!

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  1. Dawn, I love you. I was eating a cheeseburger in real time when Drew scored and I almost threw it across the bar! Also, as I grew up in a bed & breakfast, nothing will ever be closer to my heart that a Newhart joke.

  2. MouthGuard Reply

    My question is, which one of the gloriously wicked doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnut would qualify as the “Doughty Donut”? Call me crazy, but I see a distinct resemblance between their signature voodoo doll donut and Drew himself. It’s the mouth! And the little teeth! Y’gotta admit the two pink boa donuts with the – ahem – frosting blobs in the middle kinda would be perfect for Carts & Richie, yes?

    My favorite coach is getting better by the day. I love how people are freaked out by his attire and his fugly facial tics. It’s perfect!!! I haven’t decided if he was dropped on his head too many times as a child or perhaps Asperger’d out eating a ribeye too many at the Ruths Chris down the street from the HP a few years back… Regardless, he’s awesomely weird and I can’t get enough of him. 🙂

    • dawncherrie Reply

      MOUTHGUARD – do you live in Portland? Because that is the only way you’d know about Voodoo Donuts? hummmm? And yes, I do see a resemblence! Perhaps MelTing, you and I could coax our beloved Drew into a visit there?

      • MouthGuard Reply

        Warm! I live in San Francisco, and Seattle before then. But I have been visiting Portland forever and am always looking for cheap excuses to go back and visit friends there!!!

        TBH – if Dough-boy visited Portland, I fear he might put on 50lbs for each day he was there because of the ridiculous eater scene. Admit it – he would get into so much gastronomic mischief there. But having said this, Portland also boasts a burgeoning “microgym scene” (if you can call it that) that could potentially keep his fupa in check. He would still be able to hit the stationary bike, as per usual, except maybe it would be at BikeBar where he could guzzle microbrew AND generate power for the facility at the same time.

        Maybe we should page his agent.

  3. I love the LA Kings but I love Darryl Sutter most of all. I look forward to his press conferences. So many Sutterisms!