Operation Havoc : Commander Doughty in Control

I’m here to kick ass AND chew bubble gum. Lucky for you, I brought the bubble gum.

The Kings have lost only ONE play-off game to date. And after listening to the announcers last night, could they have made anymore snide/ weight remarks? Let me count them down for you:

  • Doughty certainly is a well-rounded player
  • Doughty just skated down the Blues bench and told them they’d have to be quicker than that to throw a hit on him
  • Doughty just got a free one off Elliott
  • Who knew the Kings could go on such a winning streak without Doughty scoring

On a better note – Mike Richards is the only other player with a Gordie Howe Hatrick! The other player – Gingeroux!

I’m sexy and I know it!

That is mighty fine company sisters.

So for those keeping count, the Kings are up 3-0 AGAIN in their series. For an 8th seat team – that’s super totes. For a Sutter brother, it’s in the genes.

For the Blues, evidently, this is their way of keeping Doughty in check – evidently, they stole my diary:

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  1. I believe Lindsay enjoyed Richie’s fight very much.

    • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn yes. I am not the only one – I’m looking at you , Jessica. Her text to me last night? “The only silver lining of your team not being in playoffs is discovering new hotness.” Between Richard, Carter and Stoll I think I’m in love.

      • dawncherrie Reply

        My die-hard philly friend DAVE has been texting me that he never thought be would to see a new philly vs old philly stanley cup play-off. And I replied: just like that creepy Verizon commercial that aired at the beginning of the season with the “Oh like that match-up will ever happen – Kopitar VS Biere” one? heh girls? humum …… 😉 just sayin’

        • MouthGuard Reply

          Donne-moie un BIERE estie de tabarnacle!!!! 🙂

  2. MouthGuard Reply

    When your fearless leader cuts back on the doughnut cream pies (Exhibit A – http://i46.tinypic.com/2we9hzd.jpg) and follows Geno’s hot yoga bootcamp regime (Exhibit B – http://i46.tinypic.com/34qk278.jpg), the Fatty McFatFat jokes aren’t gonna stop anytime soon. But for real – Pierre McGuire should look who’s talking. All those guys, for that matter, except for McHugh. They’re all flabby buffoons.

    This series is becoming more interesting by the second. I just wish the Staples crowd was as excited as they should be.

    @Lindsay: Jarret Stoll’s bearded look is scorching. Nobody really wants to acknowledge that the Kings are all sorts of fun. Dustin Brown’s cleft palate is killing me softly, as well.

    • dawncherrie Reply

      Mouthgaurd – YOU ARE KILLING ME! 🙂 bahahahaha!

  3. MelTing Reply

    Dawn, you need to watch TSN, where they are also in love with TBG! Last night, Doughty was the Electric Player of the Game (like you didn’t know that already). Mucho closeups of smiling and hugging, and no insults at all.

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I think that would lead to places that would cause me to explode. It’s probably better I don’t have TSN! 😉 But a lass, it’s good to know that he is getting love somewhere because with comments like, “Doughty is certainly throwing his weight around.” I might electrocute myself when I kick the TV in!”