Mikey Monday: Move Along

The Blame Mike Green Train has left the station with all NBC announcers aboard.  I hope it derails (off a bridge) and only Liam McHugh’s career survives.

Don't hate him because he's...

Mike had a rough day Saturday.  He was -2 with no points and only 1 shot.  He fanned on a couple of power play set-ups from the point.  His defense was the worst part – Anisimov danced around him for the first goal, then a turnover caught Mike on a line change and he chased Kreider like that chick in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade who falls to her death trying to reach the Holy Grail.

Criticism is warranted.  Mike has not been a factor (1 G, 1 A, both in losses) in these playoffs.  But when Mike Milbury rips on someone I get the urge to punch a cartoon character.  Jeremy Roenick and Keith Jones were on about it again Sunday during intermissions.  They also seemed shocked that Sasha Fierce took two bad penalties.  That one made me laugh out loud.

'You too, buddy?'

I understand they can’t watch every team all season.  I also hope Caps fans don’t take their word for it and forget to have a little faith.  Hell, we’ve been living off it all season!  Green has not been great.  Neither have Ovi, Wideman or half a dozen other players.  We got by Boston in a true team effort, but we’ll need a little showstopper action to beat New York.  Pooh Bear, Piglet and Co. better find their way out of the Hundred Acre Wood.  I expect more and hope to see it tonight in Game 2.

Post-game interviews (Ovi & Chimera goatee duel, Nicky’s curls) here.

It's like a glorious bird's nest. I also love the beard.

Ugh, I’m so optimistic!  I even like Ovi’s goatee for heaven’s sake.  One good series and I feel like we can take on the world.  Caps, please don’t let me be the only one!

Photos courtesy of the lovely & talented Sonia Jin ‏(@lihui815) and there are more here.  Thank you!


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  1. Josie Reply

    You’re not the only one 🙂 And if anything is true about Caps fans its that we know to turn NBC announcers on mute haha! Btw Mikey is full on hedgehogging it with his post game interview hair as Rae said. This team can take on the world and will do it together 🙂

    • raedanda Reply

      What she said. 😉