I wish you guys could have seen me last night.  In a bar with twelve tables, eleven were filled with Bruins fans.  My dad and I, in my Backstrom shirt, were at the other.  The waiter didn’t bother to ask, he just kept the beers coming.

When Joel Ward scored, I jumped out of my chair and shrieked like we were at Verizon Center.  Me, on my feet and screaming, in a room of forty Bruins fans.  I wasn’t rubbing it in.  I was honest-to-God losing my mind.

I want to ask this team where they have been all season.  I want to know what Hunter says (or doesn’t say) to Ovi when he only plays 16:25.  I want to hug every one of them, starting with Mike Knuble and then Matt Hendricks.

This post-game interview says it all.  Ward hasn’t had a great season.  Hey buddy, who has?!  When it counts the Capitals are suddenly consistent and committed.  [Video]

And to anyone that felt a racist comment was the right reaction to Ward’s game winning goal, you can go straight to hell. [link]  I don’t care what team you root for because no one wants your disgusting behavior acted out in their name.

Back to the party.  Thank you, Capitals, for finally believing the way your fans have believed all season.  Nothing worth having is ever easy, and you sure put us all through the wringer.  This series, and that goal, and this goalie…. thanks for making everything worth it.

Here we come, Round Two!!

PS: Sorry to Chuck, and all our Bruins fan friends.  We know how you feel.  It was a such a great series that I will hate the Bruins with a new passion for the rest of my life.  Funny how that works, eh?  Think of all the fun we’ll have next year because you hate the Caps just as much.

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  1. Dawncherrie Reply

    You obviously know much more than this but poor Montegomery Joseph Monte Mojo Sunshine kitty didn’t come out from under the bed for HOURS. He was shell shocked from the screaming. Not even treats would entice him. He may never truly recover. 🙁 Please don’t call the ASCPA. I still haven’t recovered because I hardly recognized that team on the ice … who were those red, white and blue men? :0

  2. Suckiest feeling in the world. It will take me a couple of days to get over it, but I’ll be okay. It was a great series, with all the close games and the overtime drama, but the pain is still a little raw.

    Now I just have to find a new team to root for these playoffs. And I can tell you, it WILL NOT be the Capitals. They are soooo on my shit list right now.

    Pants, as long as you only hate the Bruins…and not me, then we cool.

    • Welcome to my world, Pants. The five stages of grieving are almost complete with the demise of the Blackhawks: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I’m *almost* at acceptance – things do get better, believe me.

      The one benefit is now you can actually just enjoy hockey without feeling sick to your stomach every other day. The winning’s not as great but as least you don’t want to kill yourself every two days.

      I’m rooting for LA and Nashville to win in the West and whoever plays the Caps (sorry Pants) and Flyers. The thought of Hartnell or Ovi lifting the cup – while not nearly as horrifying at the thought of the Sedin-bots – still gives me shudders.

      • I’m rooting for LA and Nashville as well, although I wouldn’t be all that mad if St. Louis made a run. They’ve had a great season.

        Yea, definitely NOT cheering for the Caps. The Flyers and Rangers not too far behind…although I do love me some Henrik Lundqvist and selfishly I want to see more of Boyle’s Conquisator. Giroux is so insanely good but his taste in music (Seriously, Nickelback?) makes me want to root against him.

        Uh, now that I think about it…I don’t really like any of the teams coming out of the East. I guess I’ll be a West Coast Conference fan this Stanley Cup Playoffs.

        • MouthGuard Reply

          YESSSS!!!! 🙂 You can also remind yourself that Nashville traded away a certain Wardo after last season, who just went on to… Well, y’know.

          It’s worth staying up late and blowing whatever vaca days you have left. These teams play irresistibly titillating, wicked hockey. Sleep is for chumps. Go West!

  3. Tia616 Reply

    My team is the Pittsburgh Penguins but since they are out, I’m cheering with my dad for the Caps since they have NEVER won a cup! I’m really pulling for them. And the Caps have a lot of great players. I think that Holtby should be there first string goalie from now on!!! And I don’t like the Bruins but this was one of the best series this year in my opinion.

    • True Dat. Hands down the best series of the playoff.

  4. chelski Reply

    Is it sad that one of the last things to pop into my head last night was that your friendship with each other was on the line with this series? What would WUYS be without a little love/hate going on? It was a great series and no one will fault Chuck for cheering against the Caps. I know that was my plan.

    Regardless, GO CAPS! (there goes my bank account, stomach lining and liver. see y’all in June!)

  5. I think I woke the neighbors, possibly convincing them I was being mauled to death by wild beasts in my living room. And my cat still hasn’t forgiven me. I really don’t care, though, I can’t stop flailing with joy.

    This series was amazing, but I hope there’s not another one like it soon because I’d never recover from the incoming coronaries.

  6. Kristen Reply

    i am so broken hearted at the loss of my beloved Bruins!

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