Foxy Friday: Braden Holtby

Listen people, we need to win.  The Caps are down two goalies after Michael Neuvirth injured his leg and left last night’s game in the second period.  Their PR guy dressed as backup goalie for practice this morning!  Have I mentioned the playoffs start next week?

Cue Braden Holtby.

It's a sin to put a mask over that face.

Holtby has been the backup-backup goaltender this season, starting six games at the NHL level.  He will start Saturday against the Caps potential first-round foe, the Rangers.  He’s just 22 years old, from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.  Imagine having to write that return address on a letter?  Lloydminster actually straddles the Alberta/Saskatchewan border, but Braden’s listed as being from Saskatchewan (because it’s fun to say).

Braden owns a Detroit Tigers hat (he wore it at the Caps convention) and that makes Gator cheer extra loud everytime he takes the ice.  We are *really* pulling for Holts to rock in the playoffs.  Not just for the wins, but because we love a good story!  (And winning.)

Braden has sported some pretty amazing facial hair in the past, and can grow a Letang-style scuff in about an hour.  Here’s hoping that a full, burly playoff beard doesn’t interfere with his mask because we’d love to see it.  Give Alzer a run for his money, eh?

Neuvy had to shade his eyes from this grooming choice.

Braden got the win last night, and was so aw-shucks in the post-game that you might have to hug something. [link]

Not to get you all happy then break your hearts, but Holtby is engaged and his fiancee is pregnant.  Hockey babies!  They will undoubtedly inherit their dad’s really great hair.  The Caps’ Keith Aucoin just named his baby Brayden… what’s Holts going to do?

He’s going to win first, then figure it out.  Then get a big contract for the Show and bring this face to the Phone Booth every game next season.

Wear the hat! More winning!

Follow Braden on Twitter – @Holts170.

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  1. Lorelei6903 Reply

    There was some Twitter anxiety last p.m. during the Pens/Rangers game about Neuvy going down. ( I think Neuvy is adorable, hope he’s ok) Then I heard Vokoun and Neuvy were both hurt. I wondered who was going to be their net minder? I’d never heard of Holtby before or SEEN him:p Thanks WUYS for introducing new hockey hotties to me!

  2. So cute! But then again, I’m partial to goaltenders. I also love the way you worked the word “straddle” into the post. Happy Foxy Friday!

  3. KitKat Reply

    Holy Batman… I was watching the post-game last night and thought “Braden Holtby needs a proper Foxy Friday fan-girling”. I saw Braden in person over the summer at Kettler, he is beyond foxy in person. (I may have been drooling on myself and I know I was having problems forming words)

  4. Thank you for clarifying who the other goalie was today. My husband and I couldn’t figure it out and you could tell he wasn’t very comfortable being out there on the ice. Holtby also looked good on the ice and when I say good, I mean HOT! We almost got his autograph and I wish I would have snapped a pic for you ladies, but I was so awestruck! I’m still holding out hope for Neuvy, though!

  5. Maura Reply

    I love you guys, but you can’t do this to me. Dangle these hot Caps players in front of my face when you know I’m a loyal Pens fan. While reading, I had to keep reminding myself, “You are a Penguins fan. Braden Holtby plays for the Capitals and you are a Penguins fan.”

    You’re killing me here.

    • I’m a Penguins fan first (always)! This is just like having some jellybeans once in a while (or the whole bag). Come to the dark side, we have Mike Green!

  6. Alli Reply

    Holtby takes me back to my Judd Nelson loving-St. Elmo’s Fire watching days in college. **Sigh** The best part is watching his OCD/goalie quirks come out when he squirts his water from his bottle over the goal and counts the drops as they fall…oh! the concentration! 😉 C’mon Holts! Mama needs a good playoff run for a change!