Die Another Day

Oh my God, they made it.  The Washington Capitals are in the playoffs.

Chimera knows how we feel.

Gator and I were extremely underdressed last night by wearing our 74 and 19 shirts in a swanky bar, but we still cheered and screamed.  You can’t take us anywhere.

Just when you want to be relieved for a minute, there’s still a chance the Caps could be #1 in the Southeast and #3 in the East.  Each team has one more game (Caps/Rangers, Panthers/Hurricanes) on Saturday and a win for DC plus a loss for Florida means they’d switch seeds.  The rest of the seeds are locked, including Penguins/Flyers in the first round.

The Western Conference teams have also been locked, but not the seeds.  San Jose could pull ahead of LA, or Phoenix would bump them both.

So, who’s your team and who do you want to play in the first round?  I can’t even think about the Caps – the Devils are hot right now, the Rangers’ sparkly goal-tending makes me nervous.  I will need an aspirin regimen for the Penguins/Flyers series, to fend off a heart attack.  If the Blackhawks play the Sharks I will be so pissed that I just moved away from the Bay Area.  Tomorrow afternoon cannot come soon enough!


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  1. Wonder if I could get my doctor to write a script for Xanax…when he asks why, I’ll just reply “Playoffs”

    The only thing that makes me more nervous than the Flyers/Pens first round is the possibility that the Flyers could play the Caps at some point and then I’ll just have a meltdown

  2. Michelle Reply

    Can we talk about Torts meltIng down re; Pens???

    • That’s on the list of posts for today… I need to quit my real job so I can blog all this stuff!!

      • Michelle Reply

        With the caps provoking so much angst/depression of late, I have enjoyed the hell out of the entertainment provided by the Pens this past week. Sunday’s side-splitting antics of the last few minutes of pens-flyers (and then Milbury putting Bylsma in a dress, followed by having to apologize to Sid/Dan/Pens for trashing them) Berube’s smack talk about the Pens, and then the ever-lovable Torts going ape-shit last night. Can you imagine Torts reaction in the unlikely event they played and were beaten by the Caps in the playoffs??? He’d self-incinerate and leave behind only smoking ashes!!

  3. KitKat Reply

    I have never head the phonebooth as loud as it was last night! I had tears when Neuvy went down… I really hope its not a serious injury. I’m so proud of the Caps for battling back and clinching a play-off spot! I always knew they could do it even when the media wrote them off 3+ months ago as not making it to post-season play. Congrats boys!!!! No more injuries please… we just got Nicky and Greener back and Neuvy might be out- I can’t handle anyone else being sidelined. I head to Toronto in 2 weeks for work, debating wearing my Caps jersey on the flight…. I’m sure that would go over real well.