Sweet Thursday!

What’s that? I can’t hear you over my screaming.

The Captain is back (again).  Let’s hope for good this time.  Pittsburgh is 4 points behind New York for the top spot in the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference.  The Pens are idle till Thursday, but the Rangers play tonight vs. the Hurricanes.  If EStaal and Co. can shut them down, the Penguins could move within 2 points by winning Thursday’s matchup.  Here’s more video coverage from NHL Network [link].

The NYR have won 2 of their last 6, and the winner in each has scored 4 goals.  So the trick is to get to 4 first, we think.  The Pens have won 9 games in a row.  Obviously Crosby’s been anxious to get back but we hope this timing is a sign that he’s really ready.  It’s not like the Penguins are struggling without him just now.  In fact, things are looking shiny in Pittsburgh.  How shiny?

So modest.  We were thinking more along the lines of:

And in case you missed it, Sid got game-ready by practicing with some Mites on Ice.  I can’t handle these kids in their knee-length sweaters, they are beyond precious. [Video]

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  1. The giant helmets. The falling.
    Is there nothing more presh than little kids in hockey equipment? I think not.

  2. Also, this video makes my ovaries hurt.

  3. I swear, if Crosby is playing in their game vs. New Jersey on the 25th, I will probably cry. I already feel bad for my husband.