Mikey Monday: HE PLAYED

Be still the honking of scooter horns everywhere.  Mike Green played Saturday night against Tampa Bay.  The Caps lost 2-1 but everything was Mike Green and nothing hurt.

The Caps dressed 8 defensemen and Mike had 14 min of ice time, and wants more according to NHL.com today:

“Fourteen minutes felt like four minutes for me,” he said. “I told (coach Dale Hunter) I want to play more, that I feel good, so we’ll see.” [link]

Tonight, they’re in Carolina and may go with 7 d-men if Hunter feels Green is ready to step up.  Here’s the post-game video of Mike demonstrating that his hair is in fact hedgehog-grade quality [link].


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  1. This is perhaps the happiest Mikey Monday to ever exist!

    Welcome back, oh ye of impeccably styled hair